Are men necklaces a turn off? (females only please)?

Question by Leuve: Are men necklaces a turn off? (females only please)?
And i am talking about a black none metal more fabric like necklace with a sterling silver bar attached, and actually it is about 18 inches, so pretty short, right before the collar bone. So ya, are they a turn off? (talking to u females lol) and if so, what other type of necklace arent, chains? or dog tags? or longer or shorter or what?
AND if it is the black string tht is used, u know there will always been a knot to tie it, so if this knot is shown from the backside of the neck, is it a turn off?
i know this might be the most pointless question on YA, but im just wondering…u may consider it a poll.
something like this, but with a silver bar not a black thing attached.
lol its funny how the other girl deleted her answer after i put an example picture lmao

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Answer by Mina Harker
i dont like guys with bling on them period. i wear jewelry once in a blue moon but always my earrings and for me thats alot. when i see guys with chains i think of a pimp for some reason especially if its gold or silver. if its like those beachcombers tribal necklaces, its not too bad but i like my men manly, therefore without the bling or any ‘trinket’ on them

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