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Different Styles of beaded necklace

While beaded necklace is also a classic piece of jewelry that comes in many different styles. Bellow will be guide on the different types of beaded necklace.

1. Glass beaded necklaces can be classic enough for the office while also giving you the opportunity to express some of your own unique style. Because glass beads will shine in light, and make you very eye-catching. Sometimes, a necklace may be made of all one color of glass beads, glass beads from different colors but from the same color family, or from all different colors and shapes of beads.

2. Crystal beaded Necklace. Crystal beads are sparkle and shine. The lead crystal in these cklaces has a weight and sparkle that adds an accent to any fashion. You will find this kind of beaded necklaces is stylish and pretty.

3. Plastic beaded necklace. Because plastic beads are more lightweight and inexpensive, plastic beaded necklace is also very popular. This type will usually be mixed in with other beads of higher quality, such as glass or stone. Plastic beads are also used as spacers, to create a space between larger beads, and as crimped end beads at the end of the strand to prevent the other beads from falling off.

Beaded necklaces are made from a wide variety of types such as glass, crystal, plastic and other materials. You can even find beaded necklaces made from wood, bone, seeds, porcelain, cubic zirconia, and resin. Because of its various types, beaded necklaces are very attractive pieces of jewelry which are very popular in jewelry lovers.

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Question by Lily: Does this look cute/hot, etc.?
Okay, I went to the mall and bought a couple things. I have an outfit, but I don’t know which combination of accessories would look best. (Blue)

I’m either wearing pink flip-flops, black and white striped, or sneakers (white/skater).

And I’m wearing a white sweater because our school doesn’t allow your straps to not be there or less than two finger widths wide.

Accessories: (It’s silver, but there are more bangles and they’re thinner than this. I couldn’t find the pic though.)

– or – (I couldn’t find it in pink, but it looks just like this, only pink.) (Search for a “Pink Beaded Necklace.” When they show the search results, press on the “Rainbow Necklace.” That’s what it looks like.)

Please. I’d appreciate it. Thanks.
When I said black (navy) and white striped, those are flip-flops from Hollister.

Best answer:

What do you think? Answer below!

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Making a Cross Bead Necklace

Cross bead jewelery is quite a rage among people these days. The whole gothic feel that this particular jewelry provides to the appearance is something which every true fashion lover adores. In fact, you can make it all the more special by crafting it out out on your own. Mentioned below is the process of making a cross bead necklace at home.Check it out:


Material Needed

– A 30″ Leather lacing, approximately (Suede Cord)

– 7 Translucent blue pony beads

– 1 White pony bead

– Glue, optional



Step 1

First of all to start with, you would be needed to fold the leather lacing into its half and hold on to folded end firmly.

Step 2

Now in the second step, you would need to push two of the translucent beads on to the folded end.

But, while doing so, you have to be sure of leaving a little length of lacing below the beads. This extra length would justify its purpose in the later stages.

Step 3

Once the first two pony beads have been inserted into the lacing, you would next need to again, string one translucent bead each into each of the leather lacing from the other end.

Step 4

Now you’ll be left with three more beads, push these remaining beads into the leather lacing from both ends.

Step 5

All the beads are within the leather lacing now so, you would be tying both the ends of the leather lacing together in a knot tightly.

Step 6

Next, you have push two of the translucent bead towards the knot you just tied.

Step 7

In this step you have to be tactful. Here, you would have to push the other two bead which are on the strings towards the individually strung beads.

Step 8

Now comes the turn of the white bead. Place the white bead sideways that is, on the open ends amongst the 2 translucent beads and then gently push the double strung translucent bead down until it tightens the necklace enough to hold the white bead right in place.

Step 9

You can use glue to stiffen the hold of white bead, though it is no necessary.

To know more about cross beads, click here.


A content developer by profession and an ardent art lover by choice, I seek beauty and creativity in the things around me. The excitement for new things and innovations has ended me up being net savvy and an avid web researcher. With every new bit that I learn, the thirst for knowing more grows and so does my quest towards it.

Question by The Clown Puncher: How come every time men talk about Mardi Gras, THE WOMEN get all…?
“oh, I would NEVER show my boobies for some stupid bead necklaces” and then show their boobies for stupid bead necklaces? Most women know they are going to do it, so why do they act all b*tchy about it otherwise? I’m not judging either way so why lie? WHY?

Best answer:

Answer by Raya
Because your asking them before they have had drinks LOL LOL ask them afterwords LOL oh yeah you did and they wanted beads and flashed you LOL LOL

Give your answer to this question below!

A funky hippy-chic necklace with a floral focal bead to help bring summer into your life 🙂
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Choosing The Right Pandora Bracelet

Pandora Jewelry gives you the perfect opportunity to design your very own combination that expresses your personal style and image.  The interesting part of the Pandora idea is that you can have the choice from more than 100 different beads, necklaces and bracelets. It is hope and opportunity that are the inspirations behind Pandora Jewelry design.

This means that you can create a bracelet or necklace that reflects everything about you, and shows your personality. Pandora jewelry offers you unique one of a kind jewelry at fabulously low prices, so you get more for less. Pandora is also the name of a new bead bracelet which is now available online.

To start, purchase a Pandora bracelet on which you attach different Pandora beads. Hence the expression “Pandora’s Box” and the name of the bracelet with the many opportunities from Pandora Jewelry, which right now is available at the jeweller.

The beads move freely and rotate slightly with your wrists’ movement, creating an eye catching and stunning effect. Make your personal choice from more than 350 different beads, necklaces, and bracelets. Use the beads on bracelets or necklaces which are available in various precious metals and lengths. With a Pandora charm bracelet a bead is bought to mark special occasions and so as the bracelet evolves it evokes a sentimental record of your life.

With a Pandora charm bracelet a bead is bought to mark special occasions and so as the bracelet evolves it evokes a sentimental record of your life. Pandora beads are actually made under licence in Thailand however not actually sold in Thailand which was really disappointing. The normal price of Pandora small attachments cost and the clips and beads range from   to over 0. To view all the latest Pandor Fashions please click here .
Central to the nature of Pandora jewelry is the contemporary charm bracelet, and all the amazing beads you can find now a days. From a wedding cake, a baby carriage, even a handbag, might say something about who you are. Each bead is designed to reflect an unforgettable moment such as a birthstone bead for birthdays and a friendship bead for that special person. No two bracelets will ever be the same.

Use the beads on bracelets or necklaces which are available in various precious metals and lengths. You can design unique pieces of jewelry for any occation by choosing from the many options. With a Pandora charm bracelet a bead is bought to mark special occasions and so as the bracelet evolves it evokes a sentimental record of your life. Each bead is designed to reflect an unforgettable moment such as a birthstone bead for birthdays and a friendship bead for that special person. No two bracelets will ever be the same.
The Pandora bracelet looks great worn with every style-from jeans to formal attire.

Each bracelet is as unique as the woman who wears it!

For sure you can find any range of jewelry that includes pandora jewelry. That’s why is now so famous and it is the favorite of man and women around the world.

Written by Hiero

Question by mongrrrel: How to make “Acrylic Diamond Shaped Necklace”?
I would like to learn how to make acrylic jewelry, and I should have no problem learning to do so, however, the reason is so I can make necklaces like this:
Are there any websites that offer tutorials about how to make these kinds of shapes? I’ve checked some and they only offer acrylic beading tutorials. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by beachrinkpinky
Not sure. Good luck with it though. Looks like fun!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Fashionable Beaded Necklaces: For a Graceful and Vintage Look!

Beaded jewelry is appreciated all over the world for its availability in rainbow colors, easy-match quality and affordability. Beads are quite similar to precious gems, and can be found in wide range of shapes and materials. They can be of glass, ceramic, wooden, or plastic with a round shape, teardrop, or an oblong design, among many others.

Beads of different materials and shapes are often mixed to create a fabulous personal sense of style. Necklaces made from natural beads cut from precious and semiprecious stones are known for their own color characteristics and natural details. From expensive diamond & gold beaded necklaces to inexpensive beaded necklaces made from metal wood, glass, or plastic beads, every style has its own charm.

Being fashionable doesn’t mean one can wear anything. Every woman must choose right necklace that suits and complement her personality. Here are some :

If you’re trying to have a glamorous yet sober ambiance, then a single strand beaded necklace will just do that. Handcrafted and hand-knotted single strand beaded necklace with gold-plated beads creates a stunning look. Single strand beaded necklaces are just perfect for any casual as well as formal look. They can be made from oversized beads or form tiny pearls. Be it any material, single strand necklaces have always been favorite among women.

To add a little Latin pizazz to your look, wear long and multi-layered beaded necklace with matching chandelier drop earrings and bracelet. Multi-strand beaded necklaces are gaining zooming popularity in fashion world these days. They have become a must-have for fashionistas and are often worn by celebrities. They are liked by women of all ages, and especially by teenage and college going girls. Multi-strand beaded necklaces provide a bold statement that surely makes the wearer to be noticed.

Torsade is a French word that means ‘twisting of the points’. Torsade necklaces are basically multi-strand necklaces, featuring strands with twists and turns. That’s the reason why they are also called Twisted Necklaces. As multi strand necklaces go, torsade necklaces provide great statement to the wearer. The more strands twisted together, the bigger the look or statement.

Amongst all jewelry, a beautiful beaded necklace enhance your beauty most powerfully and attracts maximum attention. These necklaces can be easily dressed up with jeans and matching strapless or spaghetti top for a girls’ night out. Alternatively, chunky bead necklaces can be worn to accent a professional or business outfit. They always provide a different and special look.

The necklaces shown in this post are available at Coldwater Creek and Nordstrom. Don’t forget to use Coldwater Creek coupon code or Nordstrom promotion code at checkout to shop beaded necklaces from these stores at discounted prices.

Tony, is an associated author with website CouponAlbum. He asist his team to write some money saving articles on coupons blog.

Tony did his Ph.D. from the Honolulu University, Hawaii. After completing the doctral degree, Tony joined Hewlett Packard as an Design Engineer. He left HP in 2004 to do independent consulting and then in 2006 started couponalbum to help people save money.

Learn how to make a vintage necklace using silver wire and glass beads! A Beads Baubles and Jewels project. For more projects and jewelry-making know-how, visit us at or visit for all your jewelry-making tools and supplies.
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Silver Necklaces And Valentine’s Day

Silver has been used in jewelry for thousand years and still commands a special place in fashionable gifts for special occasions. Silver necklaces embedded with pearls and emeralds are examples of high grade taste among fashion loving women. Silver necklaces studded with glittering gemstones express the fluidity of the neckline of celebrity models and movie stars. Modern women find it truly captivating and look for elegant designs in silver necklaces. You can express your feeling with a cool sterling silver chain for your lady love and celebrate the Valentines Day with true spirit.

Though, there are several producers of the striking necklaces with fine wire- work crafted in stones, exceptional varieties of silver necklaces are made and found in very few joints. You have to search for them, if you need necklaces with real beauty value. Here, we describe a few types of necklaces that you can hunt for in jewelry shops in your vicinity or online. Many kinds of silver are used to produce these necklaces, which are from pure silver, German silver and sterling silver and so on. Silver jewelry of antique design or of the latest sleek designs are crafted to adorn the neckline of beautiful women, who find it most pleasing to wear them in special times. You get a variety of choices, the silver beaded necklace, the silver chain, and the pearl set necklaces and so on.

The silver chain is another striking piece of necklace that woman can use in office or during casual dates. They are available in both the traditional form and trendy designs. Sterling silver necklace as Cross chains have several amazing designs, which you must wear to feel cool. Heart necklaces are always there since a long time and still compete as favorites to romantic hearts. The traditional heart shaped locket with photographs is still considered one best gift for the Valentines Day.

Colorful precious stones are fitted in eye-catching designs to prepare silver beaded necklaces. The fancy creation needs extremely difficult hand crafting technique to produce a high quality piece of silver beaded necklace. Colors come from the expensive stones that the article carries in the chain. You should consult a top manufacturer for this item to get a unique piece of the jewelry to make an occasion memorable.

The contributor has long marketing experience in consumables and pharmaceuticals and is engaged in writing on different subjects. Visit –

Written by Birendra Mohan Bhattacharjee
Freelance writer

Question by nik: How to attach a pendant to a “floating necklace”?
What I mean by a floating necklace: A basic wire necklace that uses crimps around each bead. I know there has to be a way to put a pendant on it!

Best answer:

Answer by Chimita Chimita a try!
Kinds of jewelry, maybe you can find you need!

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Choosing Beads For Necklaces

When selecting perfect beads in making your own bracelet and necklace, you have innumerable sources to choose between. You want to ensure that your finished hand-crafted product is worth your costs, and naturally you would like them to look stunning when selling them. Along with your beads you may want to add some gold or silver, there are heaps of tips on how to pick gold charm jewelry that you’ll be able to find by researching online.

Choosing the ideal beads actually requires a lot of effort. Always ask yourself of the purpose, what type of jewelry will you be making, and what style of jewelry do you want to make. If you want to form ultra modern jewelry, you may possibly pick beads that are made of different colored glass and plastic as well as shining gold and silver colours. If you’re after with top of the range of jewelry, don’t choose cheap plastic beads, go forward and pick handmade glass beads or Lucite beads.

These beads have high durability and they can retain their shine and beauty while plastic ones cannot.

If you want an ethnic look in your bracelet and necklace, you need to choose more earth tone beads, these beads has natural colours like black, brown, and tan color. You may try mixing painted wood beads with basic colours like yellow, green, and red, this may show more accents to your jewelry. Ethnic look jewelry can be design with recreating some African American jewelry, Native American jewelry, and beach jewelry with some shells, shark teeth, and pebbles.

You can look for beads that you would like for your bracelet and necklace online. Just ensure that when purchasing online, those beads have a return policy in case there are damages on beads.

It’s a complete waste of cash paying for broken and useless beads. There are many places online that you can buy from, but the difficulty is trying to find trustworthy and inexpensive providers. The good thing about a site like eBay is that there is always feedback so you can see the history of the vendor. If you’re attempting to find beads then use eBay to find cheap beads. Apart from your beads there are many other materials that you can source from eBay, it is actually a place to find anything you need. The costs are generally less expensive; the one thing you need to be wary of is the price of posting and packaging. Sometimes the additional, hidden cost doesn’t make it worth your while purchasing from these suppliers.

However, if you would like to check and personally get your own beads, there are jewelry beads that are available in bulk lots. This idea of purchasing personally in bulk lots nearby is quicker compared to online shopping, in which you will have to wait for a couple of days. And again, ask if they also have a return policy when purchasing beads.

Lastly, just be sure to use different bead designs that suits your taste if it is for your bracelet or for your necklace. Anyhow beads are boundlessly available for bead fan like you!

If you need help with your jewelry business then our beaded jewelry software is guaranteed to get your business organized. We also have free free jewelry business tools and a free jewelry business book all designed to help you get the most out of your jewelry business.

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Beads ,

Bring your jewellery projects to life with the best beads in the business

You’re not lacking inspiration for your next project are you? Have you seen the vast amount of beads that are currently available? They cater for all styles, all tastes and all types of projects, whether you want to create necklaces, earrings or beautiful bracelets, for resale or pleasure purposes.

Spoil yourself, spoil other people, spoil the folks you care about with the finest beads supplied from arts and crafts wholesalers. With countless colour choices available, along with various styles, you have an unlimited supply of design options when you select your next batch of beads.

That’s sterling

Expect the best possible service from online suppliers of silver beads who save you money on their great range of products.  Looking for low cost glass beads to use in your jewellery workshop? Be thrifty and search for sale items on the internet.  Shop for the finest glass beads and look for the latest bargains at wholesale retail sites.

Create stunning jewellery using the best possible beads, the finest of findings, tools and stringing materials.  All items are ready for immediate despatch from a one stop beading shop.

Be crafty and make online purchases at sites that are driving down the cost of beads. Think about the types of beads that you have used in the past and consider new options that you can try in the future.  

Check out those Czechs

Have you worked with Czech beads in the past? If you haven’t you’re missing something rather special.

The most gorgeous collection of Czech beads can add lustre to any item of jewellery. The next time you look online for a little inspiration take the time to study this stunning collection of glass beads. Who couldn’t be enthused with a stylish necklace made from topaz, teal or olive coloured beads? Consider Czech beads as part of new pieces and make plans for exciting new jewellery projects.

Use great quality beads and bring your creations to life using base materials that bring out the best in your jewellery making expertise. With so much choice, so many designs, and endless options available, you’ll never run out of creative ideas thanks to beads from around the World. supplies a vast array of beads for jewellery making projects. We also supply components arts and crafts; visit our site for more information.

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Antique Necklaces

Necklaces must have been the first attempts at personal adornment by man. would surely go back to a time 40,000 years ago. In such prehistoric periods necklaces were made of animal bones, mollusks, hand polished stone and animal teeth. It was much later that beaded necklaces came in like the one in lapis lazuli from Northern Afghanistan in 3000 BC, or the 600 BC Tibetan necklace in blue beads.

Museums record of a 700 BC necklace in gold and amber with 6 hanging pendants probably anchors and a 300 BC antique green stone necklace from North Africa. There are other on record like the 300 BC necklace with a pendant in lavender resin in a very beautiful setting of marcasite with a single crystal stone and the 313 AD necklaces during the time of Constantine the Great. These latter necklaces had very colorful stones and reflected a strong Roman taste.

Today authentic copies of are readily available. These copies of originals are made with great care in ensuring the use of near original materials, which include semi precious stones and pearls. The base metal is further coated with a 22 carat gold plating to give the jewelry a finish and wear resistance.

You can easily buy like the French necklace in sterling silver called Roses of the Three Graces dating back to the late 18th century. The symbol of three women carrying cupid wrapped in a garland of roses is copied from an original sculpture in porcelain. The Sumerian’s flourished between the twin rivers of Euphrates and Tigris in the period during 4000-1792 BC. They were great craftsmen and could work on gold, copper, silver and bronze. You can buy an authentic Sumerian necklace from 2500 BC in lapis lazuli and gold.

Necklaces will forever remain the centerpiece of feminine jewelry. A large number of modern jewelry seeks to recreate the designs in such is their lasting popularity. A synthesis of ancient designs and modern technology is now emerging.

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African Jewelry

The jewelry Comes from Africa is considered some of the finest handmade Cowrie and hemp jewelry in the world. Characterized by wonderful detail and intricate patterns carved into precious metals, African jewelry reflects the cultural birthright of the African’s people, and a deep amazement for nature. This plain yet stylish jewelry is often accented with a variety of authentic amber beads, truly an amazing blend of exoticism, elegance, and quality.

Using skill developed over centuries; rings, Cowrie and hemp necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories are meticulously handcrafted in Africa which has evolved into the center of the world as Fashion jewelry making industry.

Young generation not only girls but boy’s too loved African jewelry very much. Even a couple of strategically placed African cowries in a necklace or bracelet add immeasurable interest and excitement.

In a recent online shopping excursion, specifically designed to seek out the finest examples of this Africanize art form, I came across a couple of extraordinary websites featuring beautiful African jewelry. For anyone who loves African jewelry I recommend a visit to the following:

at  has a wonderful selection of products imported from Africa, Here are a few of favorite African jewelry pieces:

   This is  mind blowing set of assorted cowrie shell and hemp necklace available  with amazing verity of design .

 This Assorted cuffs with unique style by itself comes into pack of 12 pieces. Each one is best design item. You will get assortment of silver, 3tone, brass and stone cuffs and designs may vary a little….. 

This adorable necklace has been hand crafted from many small cowrie shells into a star shape that has been intricately woven together & set on a Fine 2mm glass seed beaded necklace.



Ganesh Khiste is the author & co-creator of e-commerce websites and information products. His involvement in developing, marketing and operting various online businesses for himself and clients is noticiable since 2002.

When photojournalist Elizabeth Gilbert founded her fine jewelry collection Shompole, she based it on a simple but ingenious concept: to conserve and support African goldsmith and beading traditions by producing tribal jewelry that had been reinterpreted to suit western tastes. The stunning pieces that she and her collective of craftsmen create are authentic, beautiful and completely fashionable. Watch this video to get an inspiring glimpse of their workshop and purchase necklaces from the collection at:
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