Current Wedding Ring Styles?

Question by *: Current Wedding Ring Styles?
These questions are for all engaged and newly married people. I’m trying to get an idea of current wedding ring styles. What did you select for jewelry?

Did you get platinum, gold, silver, titanium, or steel jewelry

Did you buy stones – Diamonds or something different

What size are the stones – 1/2 carat, 1 carat, etc.

Did buy rings without stones – Like a traditional gold eternity band

Does the bride have a wedding ring set – Engagement ring solitaire (one big single stone) and a matching wedding band

Did any grooms get a ring to wear during the engagement period? Or did grooms just wear their ring after the wedding ceremony?

Any custom, handmade, or “one of a kind” jewelry? What’s the story behind it?

Thanks for your answers

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Answer by hip2bmary
simple yet elegant… try silver with just one rock

What do you think? Answer below!

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19 thoughts on “Current Wedding Ring Styles?”

  1. My engagement ring is custom made in 18ct white gold, in an extremely modern design and contains, pink and white diamonds, sapphires and aquamarines. My wedding ring is 18ct white gold and has a rotating band in the centre which is studded with white diamonds. Choosing is hard. I didn’t want the standard solitaire and I think all diamond wedding rings look like eternity rings. I also didn’t want new diamonds and used inherited stones which had been in my family for centuries. My husband’s wedding ring matches my wedding ring but has no diamonds.

    Edit: I love it that those of us with unusual or custom made jewellery get thumbs down. We can’t help having taste!

  2. Well, we didn’t have much money… I never got an engagement ring. We had 2 stainless steel rings picked out for a total of $ 65 or so, but when we went to pick them up mine was too big, so we had it re-sized. That took the enamel off and made it look crappy, so we ditched those rings and went to Walmart, bought 2 plain rings @ $ 15 apiece. His turned his finger green. We’re looking to replace them soon with something nicer, maybe in titanium (if we can scrape that kind of money together) or steel. He favors a Celtic design, or something tribal, I prefer something plain or simple, but there have been a few that we agreed on.

    What matters is not the price of the ring, or what it’s made of, but how deep is the love, how strong is the relationship.

  3. yellow gold

    3 diamonds

    1/2 carat in the middle with a 1/4 carat on each side, for a total of 1 carat.

    bought a seperate wedding band that kind of matches it, but didn’t buy it as a ‘set’.

    no groom does not wear engagement ring, only a wedding band after getting married

    just bought it at a jewelry store. not custom made or anything

  4. We went with the classic look. I have a round .33 solitatire set in a 4 pronged gold 14K band (hmmm…I thought it was 10K until I just pulled it off and looked at it…and it’s 12 years old!). Our bands are 10K (from Wal-mart, no problems with them and it’s been 10 years) gold, plain, no engraving and were under $ 100 total for both mine and his. I also have a 10K wrap with 2 amythest stones that I bought for myself just because it was the one we had been looking for for years and he wasn’t with me when I found it. I like the color – it sets my diamond off!

    I don’t think wedding rings should be “trendy” – you should choose silver or gold whichever you plan to wear forever and pick something classic so it won’t go out of style. My prefrence was also a small but quality diamond that I’m not afraid to wear everyday.

  5. I only wear a size 4 (and thats actually a tad loose) I have a 1/2 carat round brillant cut solitar, V2, color G/H set with 4 prongs, raised to see the whole diamond, which is ideal cut. set on the thinnest white gold band they have. I will be getting a thin white gold band with small diamonds around it for my wedding band. I love it!

  6. My ring is a diamond solitaire in a platinum setting.
    It is 1.51 ct. and princess cut.

    I have a a small platinum band to wear with it.

    My fiance will wear his grandfathers wedding band.

    We went very traditional so that we won’t look at our wedding bands 30 years from now and see a “fad” from when we were in our 20’s.

  7. I am engaged to be married in June and my ring is a princess cut 1.05 carat diamond solitaire on platinum.
    My fiances engagement ring has three diamonds on platinum and we are getting platinum wedding rings.
    I quite like a flat court style but my fiance wants something patterned, we will choose something nearer the time.
    Platinum is more expensive but its the hardest of all metals and its a beautiful shade, not like white gold which has it own merits though, my ring sometimes takes on a bluish hue and I think its gorgeous, my fiance picked the metal and I picked the setting.
    Go with whatever you both decide because its personal to you, you dont need to follow any trend.
    good luck.

  8. My engagement ring is white gold with one diamond (.6 carats, excellent cut, colourless, VS2 clarity, Canadian diamond) and a pink sapphire on each side of it (like a three stone ring). It is in a unique type of curved 4-prong setting, where each of the prongs starts under the opposite stone that it actually holds (it’s hard to describe but it looks very cool from the side).

    My fiance custom designed it and had a friend of his dad’s make it for me. I am very girly and love everything pink, thus why he included the pink sapphires. I love it! It fits my personality so well. I know it is a ring just for me 🙂

    We are having my wedding band designed to match (because a plain white gold band doesn’t look very good with the intricate setting detail). So we are having a half-circle band made with small diamonds and small pink sapphires set in a shared setting. It will probably have 3 pink sapphire and two diamonds.

  9. For my engagement ring I have a 14K white gold round-cut solitaire in a semi-bezel setting. The diamond is 1/3 ct. I picked it out myself. I liked how simple and elegant it looked- not too flashy or gaudy, and it goes with my style of clothing and jewelry. I also liked how the stone didn’t stick up from the setting too far because I never wanted a ring that would get caught on clothes and my hair.

    For my wedding band, I picked out a beautiful 14K white gold band the same width as my e-ring, with three small bezel-set diamonds totaling 1/3 ct. The ring wasn’t made to match my e-ring, but they go together so well you’d think they were a set. When I put them on together it creates a lovely little pyramid of bling which is eye-catching and sparkly but still tasteful, elegant, and not flashy. Also, what’s really important to me is that we purchased both rings from a jeweler that only uses conflict-free diamonds from Canada, so I don’t have to worry that it’s a “blood diamond.”

    My fiance picked out a titanium wedding band, which is a gunmetal gray color, sort of dull-looking rather than shiny like a regular gold band. It looks really youthful and sort of “rock and roll,” and it goes really well with T-shirts and jeans, which is what he usually wears. I also bought him a sterling silver right-hand Celtic ring like one he had when he was younger and lost one day, and we jokingly call it his “engagement ring,” because I didn’t think it was fair that I get two0 rings and he only got one. So now we both have two rings and we’re getting married September 5. Yay!

  10. always go for gold or higher and a diamond!

    as far as the setting of the diamond and how many carots – that’s up to you.

    For guys the “eternity band” is in –

    go to jewlers – they can help you out

  11. Mine is 18k white gold. It has a tanzanite stone in the centre with6 tiny diamonds around it. I don’t know the carots on the stones, but the diamonds are very tiny, they are just for highlighting. I’m not a big diamond fan anyways so it’s perfect for me.
    A groom CAN have an engagement ring, but generally they don’t get their wedding band put on their hand until the wedding. (this would be different than an engagement ring).

  12. if i were to remarry (age 45) i would go to helzberg and use a trade-in. i have a 1.25 carat pear to trade in.

    i would select a largish marquise diamond YG shank with platinum prongs and a plain matching YG wedding band
    re-use some of my existing stones in fresh setting yellow gold with platinum prongs, and a plain YG wedding band
    helzberg has a nice 1/2 carat emerald cut in yellow gold that i like with a plain yellow gold wedding band
    just a plain comfort fit yellow gold wedding band and use the diamonds rings that I already own!

    walmart and JC penney have nice plain wedding bands.

  13. My engagement ring is Platinum. It has a one carat round diamond in the middle and one half carat on either side of that one.

    I also have a Platinum wedding band with small diamonds on it. I did not require my husband to wear a ring during our engagement. To me, that’s ridiculous.

  14. get what you like .. i prefer gold
    get what you like .. i got a Diamond with a wrap
    get what you like .. i have a 1/4 in my engagement and 1/4 in my wrap….
    look here it has great pics and you can see what you want and what you cna afford
    get what you like … you get get a 3 piece set .. engagement , and two wending bands for one price if you go to the right place .

    my parents never bought an engagement ring .. they just invested in a really expensive set of matching wedding bands..
    my aunt and uncle bought a small diamond with a ruby , emerald wrap and he wears no band.
    my grandparents never had either .. engagement or wedding bands .. for their 50th he bought her a 2 k diamond wedding set ..
    it is different with each wedding .. do what ever you can afford to do and what you want to do

  15. When my husband and I were first dating, we didn’t have a lot of money. I was in college, and he had been divorced for only a few months. When things between us began to get serious, we wanted matching rings and chose claddaghs. We loved the symbolism of the hands holding the heart and the crown to mean that you hold it above all else. Even though they are just cheap ones from a street vendor, we still both wear these today for the meaning they hold 🙂 When we had our wedding ceremony, we added 10K gold bands and wear them stacked on our ring fingers. Gold wedding band with the “silver” claddagh on top.

    Even the gold wedding bands were only $ 20 a piece from walmart. lol I think that it’s a great testament to the fact that money isn’t what buys you happiness, love is what buys you happiness!

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