Differences between industrial countries art and small scale societies art?

Question by misses_g: Differences between industrial countries art and small scale societies art?
like the ones of the nomadic hunters and gatherers and the herders?

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My guess would be, the answer lies in the technology itself, of industrial and small scale societies.

Take, for example, the Native Americans say, versus the White Eastern Seaboard Settlers.

The Indians would have had pictograms painted with Earth colours on skin parchment, while the settlers would have brought their printing presses from Europe with them. The Indians would have sewn their clothing decorations using bone needles while the Europeans were long using metal needles.

‘Art’ per se for the Indians would have been Totem Poles depicting animals and Tribal History while already, landscape artists and portrait painters were hurrying to The New World to earn a living. Even the early settlers houses, once built with brick and mortar, would have been copied from European styles, Mock Tudor, etc., and even an Inn would have the European board painting depicting the pub’s name and a picture.

In a loose reference to art in comparisons, the settlers were producing furniture and house decorations of a sophisticated nature while the Indians lived in tepee tents which, by virtue of their mobility and portability, would been simple animals skins, not given to bearing heavy decorative artwork.

The Navajo were famous for silver-work ornaments and jewellery and highly decorated blankets. The settlers imported Birmingham wool blankets.

Even their methods of recoding History was vastly different. The Indians had a long a colourful Oral History of the Creation Myths and Tribal Tales, while the Europeans were already creating book collections and eventually, libraries.

One final difference was the personal appearance of both cultures. The Indians decorated themselves on their bodies, particularly when engaged in War and Conquest, painting their faces in fearsome colours and placing eagle feathers in their hair to depict bravery. The Europeans dressed according the the fashions of Europe when they became settled or wore fur-skins and buckskin with little adornments, more practical than fashionable.

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