Does this sound like a good outfit to wear to school tommrow?

Question by ั”.l.เน€.z.เธ„.: Does this sound like a good outfit to wear to school tommrow?
This Hoodie

The top
Would be like a white or blue undershirt

would be light colored jeans, like blue jeans but those that look like they were washed alot tho they wernt

would be clogs not those croc things, cuz i have tennis shoes too but white and pink dont seem to match and I hate flats

Can you tell me how to do my hair and make up or what jewelry to wear? pretty please=)

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Answer by Rasberry C
HA! no.

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6 thoughts on “Does this sound like a good outfit to wear to school tommrow?”

  1. hair = messy bun or loose curls in a low side ponytail
    makeup = light blush, mascara, a bit of eyeliner, and lipgloss (unless you need more)
    jewelry = something black or silver

  2. Yeah that sounds super cute!
    Hair: straight, loose curls, or french braided pigtails
    Makeup: Blush, light eyeshadow on the top, and Chocolate brown on the lid, Mascara, and lip gloss
    Jewelry: Chocolate Brown Beads and bracelets to match:)

  3. yea! i say wear a white undershirt. i like the color of the jeans. clogs are good. i say 4 hair a messy bun for makeup i say eyeliner and some shimmery eye shandow. then 4 jewelry i say wear silver hoop earings dont wear a necklace because necklaces are out right now and wear a matching ribbon in your hair. ribbon is really cool preppy but cool. i wear ribbon sometimes alot of my friends wear it every day

  4. it sounds mega cute to me

    Hair – either messy ponytail/bun or leave it down with gentle waves in your hair

    Make up – SIMPLE!!! mascarra, maybe pink or goldish eye shadow, peachy blush

    Jewlery – something funky like big wooden beads or tribal looking


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