Earring gauge material? Help?

Question by Lamia: Earring gauge material? Help?
I just bought these beautiful new tribal gauges – size 6. I can’t figure out what they’re made out of though, and I’d like to know if I can shower with them in. They’re definitely not metal, and the person I bought them from said they weren’t plastic. I’ve have ones made from bone, but this feels like a slightly different material. Are their any other materials they’re made out of? And do you think it’d be okay to shower with them in, or do you think they’d splinter?

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Answer by Lava
Are they white or another color, and where did you get them? Got pics? Bone may have slightly different textures, while horn is much lighter but feels similar. The only way I can think of to tell is to burn them, maybe heat a needle and stick it into the jewelry and see what it smells like. Of course you probably don’t want to, but it would let you know right away if they’re plastic.

But why wouldn’t you be taking it out to shower in? I don’t leave jewelry in when I bathe, and if it’s a new stretch you wouldn’t be wearing a material you couldn’t name….

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