Fashion icon suggestions for my story?

Question by zuka: Fashion icon suggestions for my story?
I need style muse ideas for the characters in my story. I’ll describe how each dresses and you come up with a celebrity style icon (or icons) thanks!

Vinessa- tropical (sandals and flower in hair) and casual
Gwen- preppy and classic but whimsical
Jennifer- ethereal and old fashioned (shawls and ponchos and long skirts)
Angel- playful and punk and sporty
Spencer- feminine with tribal patterns and ethnic jewelry
Carol- girly and glam, modest
Cassidy- edgy with 60s touches
Tess- girly and whimsical with 50s touches
Ivy- youthful and colorful
Ruby- classic, ladylike

Best answer:

Answer by xo379
Vinessa – Mila Kunis in Saving Sarah Marshall

Jennifer – Mary Kate and Ashley Olson

Angel – Gwen Stefani, Kendra Wilkinson (?), Fergie (kinda), Miley Cyrus

Carol – Emma Watson (could also be for Gwen)

Spencer – Nicole Richie, Alicia Keys

Cassidy – Kate Hudson, Mischa Barton, Rachel Zoe

Gwen – Diana Agron, Taylor Swift

Tess – Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, Michelle Williams

Ivy – Frieda Pinto

Ruby – Gwenyth Paltrow, Blake Lively (could also be inspiration for Carol), Anne Hathaway

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One thought on “Fashion icon suggestions for my story?”

  1. Ruby- Your description made me think of Kate Middleton, Google her to see if you think so as well.

    Ivy- Try using Sasha Pieterse as a style icon. Her style is definitely youthful (she’s 16) and colourful!

    Tess- Clémence Poésy is a style icon in France and so I think this would work.

    Cassidy- I reccommend Ariana Grande.

    Carol- Blake Lively, she’s definitely glam and girly.

    Spencer-essica Szohr wears a lot of cute (in a stylish way) but also feminine styles and incorporates tribal patterns in a lot of her outfits.

    Angel- Miley Cyrus! A lot of her clothes are, well, spunky. (never used that word before soo)

    Jennifer- I do find Charlize Theron’s style to be ethereal and classic.

    Gwen- Miroslava Duma is stylish, and preppy, and she has to be stylish since she was editor for Harper’s Bazaar Russia. A lot of her outfits can be described as preppy.

    Vinessa- This character’s name reminded me of Vanessa Hudgens, and I think her style is a good match for Vinessa’s. Several casual outfits Vanessa Hudgens wears are pretty tropical-island-esque.

    I’m suggesting celebrities, because they are easy to search up the type of outfits they wear and get a glimpse of their style preferences and the similarities to the description of each character’s style. Also, since they are photographed/documented a lot that material will help you decide… Hope this helped (cause I spent a lot of time on it) and good luck with your story! Or bonne chance, cause French is fun. 🙂

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