HALLOWEEN accessory, help???

Question by Rae: HALLOWEEN accessory, help???
ok i wanna be a greek goddess for halloween with this costume

but i dont think anyone will get it sooo does anyone have any good ideas to accesorize it in aay that will make it look really good and help ppl get it

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Answer by Kathy W
Please replace the link it doesn’t work.

Edit: Cute outfit, I think you should do your hair like that too.

Try this site:
You can go to your nearest stores and try to find something like that.

You should get an anklet too! Maybe like a blue beads or something.
I think you should get jewelry that has weird colors since your outfit is white, you shouldn’t get colorful jewelry. Maybe like jade or purple.

Here are some things I would wear along with an outfit like that:
-Big jade necklace
-A silver bracelet with weird things on it.
-Anklet (I think jade will be fine)
-Maybe jade earrings or silver.
Sorry if my style sucks, not much of a big fashion person.

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