Help! I need clothes ideas!?

Question by Celene: Help! I need clothes ideas!?
I am in 8th and i am trying to find Fashionable Outfits for cheap but i am clueless. does anyone have any suggestions?

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Answer by aby(:
i actually really depends on yur style!
but try skinny jeans those are cute! & flats & a cute top or sumthing!!
hope i helped!

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  1. try a pair of skinny jeans with either flip flops or flats and a white v-neck with like a black or jean vest over top? or maybe a plaid purple button down shirt with a pair of black jeans(skinny) and flats.or just mix it up and throw on a tutu and an elmo shirt haha.

  2. kmart walmart forever 21 aeropostale wet seal thrift stores or clothing swaps with friends…
    -skinny jeans
    -flats or converse
    -basic tees with a necklace and cute claires earrings
    -graphic tees
    -dresses and skirts for layering with leggings or tights with boots
    -cardigan and blazer etc..

  3. Try looking on Polyvore. Here’s mine:

    Here’s an answer I gave today:

    Trends: – An online fashion magazine and regularly updated news network combine to cover the industry’s hottest collections, trends, personalities and lifestyles around the world. Delves into topics such as too thin models. – Fashion style advice, trends, and quizzes. Seasonal tips and celebrity fashion news. Weekly Top 10 focuses on a different topic every week, such as fashion advice, latest trends, newest releases, stylish shoes and other hot fashion news. – Read about designers and check out how to subscribe to this online fashion magazine, or learn more about work in the design industry. See sample designs from the shows, or check out specific collections from Paris and Milan.

    FashionOffice.Org – A major online style magazine, partnered with,, and Browse for runway news, read daily headlines, or check out new collections. You’ll even find out about fashion jewelry. Sign up for the trendletter for free. – Read fashion news online daily, or search the archives. Get idea for shopping like a pro. Subscribe to the free newsletter to find out the same information as industry insiders. Many different photographs and snippets about fashion trends. – You can look at what’s new in fashion & then shop for it all in one website.

    And shopping sites (though not what you asked for):
    RustyZipper.Com – Sometimes what’s in is really what already left. Vintage clothing which is now “out” is really in! Being unique is important in being a true fashionista. Here you can buy genuine vintage items.

    GirlProps.Com – This site has girly, trendy accessories. You can make any outfit fashionable with things from this site.

    And advice:
    Look at what’s on the mannequin. It will always be up to date on the latest fashion.
    They usually will not have anything in clothing stores that are completely out.
    When in doubt, ask a worker in the store you are at. They were hired for a reason & they know what they are doing.

    Some things that are in in Summer of ’09:
    Some summer 2009 trends are:
    Fringed clothing
    Sheer or see-through fabric (only small touches of this, however)
    Romanesque dresses
    One-shoulder tops & dresses
    Midriff tops
    Jewel-encrusted clothing
    Statement Jewelry
    Fringed shoes
    Exotic Detailed Shoes
    Gladiator Shoes
    Reptile Leather
    Lace-up Heels
    Shoes With Ankle Straps
    Feature Heels
    Ripped & Torn Jeans
    Boyfriend Jeans
    Vivid, Saturated Colors

    Skinny jeans are still in. And they aren’t about to leave any time soon. They’ve become a denim staple.

    Also, Google the newest trends ex. fall ’09 trends or december ’08 fashion trends. It works every tume & the first two or three give you great info guarateed.

    And Fall ’09 trends:
    Neon Pink
    Statement necklaces
    One shoulder dresses
    Leather pants
    Liquid leggings
    Chains (more specifically on boots)
    Shouldar pads. Ha! I wouldn’t wear these ever. They don’t look good on almost anyone.
    Statement gloves (leather, patterner, fingerless, to your elbows etc.)
    Edgy Little Black Dress
    Velvet Mini dress
    Accordian pleats
    Sequins (Be daring. Wear ’em in the daytime)
    Fur (Faux or vintage only)
    Strapless reffled dress
    Monotone (same nuetral head to toe)
    Blanket coats (I think they look frumpy, but they’re on the runways, so…)
    Red & Pink
    Peplum Jackets

    I hope I helped!

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