Help me with my ears!!! please?! gauges.?

Question by Bec: Help me with my ears!!! please?! gauges.?
so i lost one of my size 6 plugs. so im wearing the size 6 pinchers. and my mom does not like them so she gave me my present early. which was size 6 saddle plugs. and i had saddle plugs before but the outer part on these are bigger. and i have been trying for a really long time to get them in! help meeee. i put like soap and stuff like that on them to go thru, which i always do but they just wont go thru. they are too big and flat. i dunno what to do.. what do you think? like could i go to a piercer and they could help me? i have no idea…

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Answer by Mannequin
You have to get a size smaller in saddle plugs. They don’t fit if you get the same size as your ears are stretched to. The middle of them is the part that’s 6g, not the outside.

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  1. Yes, if you go to a tattoo and piercing place they should help you put them in. My friend goes to those places and have them change out her piercings all the time.

  2. Saddle are also called double flare. I’ve worn them. I would not go down in size. your ears can shrink back to that size. You’re a six which means you could shrink to an 8. When you get to a certain size they just slip right in. But when youre much smaller they’re hard to get in.

    I have a pair of black acrylic plugs with flares, and they have little grooves for o-rings. Well when I went to put them in they wouldn’t go. My BF and my piercer both said get in the shower, and massage your ears under the hot water. The heat loosens up your skin and makes it more pliable. Or get a warm wash cloth that’s got hot/warm water (dont burn yourself!) on it and just hold them on the holes massaging. It gets blood flow going and also helps. Don’t force them in. I usually use a bit of neosporin when I’m inserting new jewelry. While my piercer wouldn’t advise it to others it worked for me so he said keep doing it.

    get in the shower…or do the wash cloth thing and then slowly work them into your ears. i massaged for a good 20 minutes before I was able to get those black acrylics into my 00g holes. It worked like a charm.

    I currently have my 6g tribals out. I can’t wear acrylic I found out. I broke up in a rash that broke open and scabbed up so I had to take them out and let them heal up. I’ll be using the shower method because I know they’ll be tough to get in.

    Never force them in. If you can’t get them in go to your piercer. They can help you get them in. I’ve never had issues with any jewelry that cant be solved by doing the hot water and massage technique.

    The outside of double flared is a bit bigger but the inside is a size that is true to whats on the pkg. If you downsize when you go to switch jewelry you’ll have to stretch all over again.

    I’ve been stretching for years and have never gone down a size. Its not good to have to keep re-stretching.

  3. You usually have to size down when you get saddle plugs (double-flares). (And that’s a bit silly, I know, but it’s how it is, I guess.) They’re really troublesome, for me as well – I often stick to single- or no-flare plugs. But try a water-based fragrance/flavor-free lube like KY and see if they slip in a little easier. If not, you may have to stretch up a size to wear them – it’s up to you. Or maybe you can exchange them for a size smaller.

    Maybe a piercer could help – at the very least, they could offer you a smaller set or maybe a special lubricant. They might put them in for you, if they think it’s alright.

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