High School fashion…Classic?

Question by Jayne.: High School fashion…Classic?
Hey everyone:)
So, for back to school shopping, I have a question for you guys!
What are some classic staples that every girl should have in her wardrobe? Like I know jeans, comfy sweaters, etc., but I mean more specific. Like classic pieces that I can wear all the time (links would be really appreciated!! :)) So I guess I’m going for the classy look, mixed with boho/chic styles? hahah idk. Or you can just suggest some stuff you think would be cute! If you can help out, thank you!


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Answer by Jaberwocky
I think that you can never go wrong with what you’ve listed: skinny jeans, a good trouser, and sweaters and such.
My personal favorites:
-patterned tanks: you can wear them in the summer, or layer them over/under in the cold weather
floral, stripes, lace, and tribal/abstract patterns are a good go to
– a motorcycle jacket: you can do anything with it! wear it with a sundress or your summer boho stuff and skinny jeans and you’re all set!
Accessories! It’s so easy to stock up on basic tanks, sweaters, dresses etc and add jewelry for whatever vibe you like.
I love forever 21 for this beacuse they’re all cheap and trendy!
Best of luck

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