How to take care of your gauges? (stretching)?

Question by Azlove: How to take care of your gauges? (stretching)?
My gauges are 10g right know

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Answer by Colaneea
Once a week take them out and clean them off. Either whack them in some hot water and detergent and take to them with a toothbrush or use antibacterial wipes and rub them clean. Leaving them makes it smell feral, gets a gunk build up and can lead to an infection which will make them crusty, red and sore. Oh and give your holes a clean out with warm water while your jewellery is out or the whole task is pointless. Depending on your jewellery too you may need to do it more, if your have something tribal like wood or bone clean it more. Acrylic, plastic and stainless steel is once a week.

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  1. You treat them as you would any other piercing, meaning no alcohol, peroxide or creams. Alcohol is fine to soak your jewelry in, but wash ALL of it off before putting it back in. You can do sea salt soaks, use saline solution, etc. Personally, I use Antibacterial soap and hot water. While I do that, I let my jewelry soak in alcohol then also wash with the soap when I’m done.

    Oil massages are a great way to take care of your lobes, it’s also known to thicken them. I recommend Emu or Jojoba oil.

    If you have anymore questions, please feel free to message me.

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