i need help with how to gage my ears

Question by aubs: i need help with how to gage my ears
i am interested in getting my ears gaged but haven’t the slightest clue on if i gage them myself how long it takes do i start with a regular ear piercing or what

so thanks in advance for your help

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Answer by nati24kheart
I recommend you to go to tattoo shop and get your ears streched, you can start with a small gauge, maybe a 6 or 4 (like 5mm), then you can do it by yourself by constantly changing the jewelry one size at the time. Something very important!!! Do not try strecth your ears with a silicon plug! and try to not get a dermal punch done (cutting a piece of your ear)


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  1. Alright… So most people start with just regular ear piercings. The gauge of these piercings are usually between 18 and 16 g (gauges are always in even numbers, BTW). You can do it with larger needles, or punch out skin, but this makes it more painful and much harder to heal if you decide that you don’t want the piercings eventually. Once your standard piercings are healed, you can start gauging. Find jewelry with tapered ends that is one size bigger than the jewelry you have in presently, for example a 14 g instead of the 16s you have in. Make sure to use hypoallergenic materials such as titanium or surgical steel for gauging. Allow a decent amount of time between increasing gauge sizes for healing. I’d recommend around a month. Some people increase sizes in a matter of days, and even skip sizes, but this can lead to infection, poor healing, scarring, and a very ugly earlobe if you ever decide to take your gauges out. Once you get to your desired size and the holes have healed thoroughly, you can insert whatever jewelry you want, such as horn plugs, those awesome tribal wooden gauges… There are so many cool gauges out there! For high quality ones that cost a little bit more but are well made and beautiful, go to BMEzine’s store. Oh! And I forgot cleaning, make sure to clean your gauging once or twice a day with a liquid antibacterial soap. If the gauging is starting to get infected or irritated, try soaking them for 10-30 minutes in 1 cup water, about the temperature of a cup of coffee, and 1/4 tsp sea salt. It works wonders! Do this 1-3 times a day and your gauges should be gravy.

  2. Gauge is the size, stretching is what you do. You can get your ear pierced to 10g or 8g right away or you can get it pierced at a normal ear piercing size of 18g and stretch them yourself. If your looking to go big you could get them pierced at the 10g or whatever and then stretch. How long it takes also depends on how big you want to go. With the small stretches, they say you should wait a month in between the. When you get bigger, you should wait like 3 months in between them. You should never skip sizes or stretch up too fast. This can cause tearing or the catbutt effect. If you plan on stretching them yourself then tapers work well.

    This explains far better than I ever could: http://forums.bodyartforms.com/forums/t/5641.aspx

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