I’m 16 and interested in getting some tattoos and piercings. Why did you get yours and what is it like?

Question by Jun Fan Li: I’m 16 and interested in getting some tattoos and piercings. Why did you get yours and what is it like?
Hi. I’m a 16 year old girl, and for the past couple of years i’ve been interested in tattoos and piercings. I know I’m too young to get one right now but once I’m old enough I would like to get some. I’ve even come up with some of my ow ideas for tattoos, I drew this one myself:


I’m mostly interested in Tribal, Aztec, spiritual, religous tattoos such as these and many more:


And, for quite a while, I’ve REALLY been intrigued by the yin-yang tattoos especially this one from the anime Shaman King :


And in the piercing section…well later on this year I’m going to get the top part of my ear pierced… but when I’m old enough (and out of my mother’s house) I would like to get my eyebrow(s), tongue, navel and tongue pierced…and possibly even nipples if i decide.

When I tell my friends and family about these ideas they think i’m freaky or something. But I just find tattooos and piercings so interesting because they’re beautiful pieces of art that describe what a person feels or see’s.

What does it feeel like to get a tat or piercing? Why did you get them? Do you regret it? Why do you like them? Any comment would help alot . thanks.
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Answer by Lynette
I wouldn’t do it if I were you. If you ever get a job where you deal with the public, it could be bad. I find it offensive when I go to places and have to deal with sales girls who have tattoos and such. I usually just ignore them.

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5 thoughts on “I’m 16 and interested in getting some tattoos and piercings. Why did you get yours and what is it like?”

  1. That drawing you did is very beautiful!

    To answer your questions…

    My piercings didn’t bother me at all.
    Of course, I just have four holes in each ear.
    The cartilage just hurt a bit more than the lobes if you bumped it afterwords.

    I have seven tattoos in different areas.
    Some didn’t hurt as much as others.
    They all sort of felt like a burning/scratching kind of thing.
    The ones on my shoulder and ankle didn’t hurt much, but the ones on my hip and back were a little tough to get through. The one on my right hip specifcally was the one that hurt most. All the others were still painful, but I didn’t have to stop during any of them. It was worth it.

    I got them all for different reasons. I’d probably be typing for two hours to explain it all. But I don’t regret any of them. At one point, it was exactly what I wanted, and I’m happy with that. If at some point in my life I look at them and don’t like them anymore, I’d probably get them covered with something else. But I don’t see that happening. 🙂

    Sorry I couldn’t help you out more.
    But good luck with your future holes/ink!

  2. I’m 16 also, And I can not wait till I turn 18 so I can get a Tattoo. That one that you designed is very pritty! I want one simular to that. I have my tounge pierced, my nose, 3 in each ear and I have my lip piered, And I do not regret any of them

  3. Everyone I know regrets every tat they got before they were 19. My husband has full sleeves and the early ones just don’t match the professional ones. He will be the first to tell you he should have planned better. Same with my sister. Her early ones were home jobs and cheap parlors and they look like **** just a few years later.

    we all have ones we like, but they are ones we spent years planning.
    Unless you are a native American don’t get tribal.
    Unless you are Asian, don’t get yin/yang.

    When you do get them, make sure it is from a place that has a state licensee and a lot of recommendations and examples. I have one that looks really bad. I didn’t know the guy doing it was high on meth and he was working in a shop.

  4. Heyy,
    Im 17 and i know exactly how you feel .. dying to get tattoo’d and pierced up!
    I got my tongue pierced at 15 – I absolutely love it and have had noo problems with it whatsoever!
    I have got 8 ear piercings
    3 lip piercings .. Easy as anything and no problem atall
    1 neck piercing .. grows out after a while depending on different people .. was a bit of a waste of money and time .. but looked soo hott!
    Mine lasted about a month.
    I have just recently got my septum pierced .. THAT BLOODY HURT!
    I got it done about 2 months ago and its still a tad sore but i love the look of it.
    As for tattoos .. i have 2 .. 1 little heart ( my best mate’s first ever tattoo practice 😐 .. kind of regret it but can be fixed easily and i have the words ‘ Sui Generis ‘ on my hipbone .. it means ‘ unique/own person ‘ in latin.. i dont regret that one .. means alot.
    As for your tattoo ideas .. im not going to comment on the religious ones as i am very atheist ( each to their own and all that .. i could see why peole would want them though )
    The ying yang idea is coool .. i have always thought that.
    I suggest if you do seriously think about having the yng yang symbol to change it a little .. have a bit of a background .. make it your OWN.
    I hope i have helped a little.
    Happy piercing nd tattooing for in the future.
    ( p.s .. NEVER GET A HAND TATTOO OR NECK .. Not nice )

  5. Firstly, I’d like to say I really like your design for a tattoo- it’s very well drawn out, and a neat idea :] I do think you could re- work the banner a little bit to make it more flowing, and maybe with a tail to it, as most banners have (just some constructive critiscm, i do really like the idea and drawing though!)

    Moving on, people will ALWAYS have different opinions to you, on pretty much everything. A lot of people seem to find piercings and tattoos hard to accept, and, whilst it is becoming more mainstream, you’ll still expect people treating you like a freak, or staring. It’s weird because these things are becoming so popular, but i do get a lot of strange funny looks- but i do get compliments as well, so it’s not all bad! Plus, i LIKE how my piercings and tattoos look, and they make me happy.

    To get a tattoo- well I’ve had two, on my outer wrists. The feeling was really nice. I know that sounds weird. I guess it feels like a scrape or a bee sting- its really warm. After awhile the area goes numb, and although you feel it, i didnt find it overly painful- i very much enjoyed it, and found the process to be relaxing. Maybe thats weird but yeah, thats me :p

    To get piercings- well the pain varies. I DO NOT like the pain of piercings. Some barely hurt- like lip piercings…but others hurt like hell- like my industrial. The industrial was awful pain :/

    But i get both things because I LOVE THEM. I’m addicted. I just find it all so interesting. Aesthetically, i love the way tattoo’s and piercings look, i think they are artful and creative. I love the processes (although it can be painful) its exciting, you get such an adrenaline rush. I love the smell of a clean studio, the whole excitement you get before its done- the anticipation, i love it all. And i love the way my piercings look- how they feel. I just love piercings and tattoos…everything about them- the way the body heals them- its so interesting. For me its like a life style, i am so passionate about them.

    I regret nothing i have gotten. I have retired a few piercings (but these were DIY, and they didn’t work out long term, so I removed them) but have never regretted getting them or anything.

    My current mods-
    Septum (my fave)
    Snakebites- x2 lip piercings.
    Venoms- x2 tongue piercings.
    x2 cartilage piercings.
    x5 lobe piercings.
    x1 4mm lobe stretch (its staying at 4mm, i just love the jewellery)
    x1 14mm lobe stretch

    Thats sixteen piercings i wear all of them

    . Ive retired:

    Tragus (right side)
    Finger surface
    x3 nostril piercings

    My tattoos;
    A red star on my right outter wrist. (i got this when i turned 18. and although so many people have stars, i like the design- and i wanted something simple to ease me into tattooing. I wanted a universal design that i would not hate in the future)
    A green star on my left outter wrist. (i got this a year later to match the red star. Mainly because when i looked at my left wrist, i felt bugged because it wasnt symmetrical. it annoyed me all the time. I wanted it to match, but be a little different, so i got it in green- my fave color)

    i have plans for lots more tattoos. Some have deep meanings, others i want for aesthetic purposes..but theres a few i want. I also want more piercings.

    I think you should go ahead and get whatever you want done, regardless of what people tell you. You need to MAKE yourself happy. And these things, whilst not beautiful to everyone- they are beautiful to many. I also find them great conversation starters and when i look at them im reminded of all sorts of stories and days and periods of my life. In particular i love my little green star tattoo because of the story behind it- the day I got it, and i will always remember that day : ]

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