im doing a poster on……?

Question by degrassi_27: im doing a poster on……?
im doing a poster on “pride” and i need some more pictures. what do u think i could look under, we have racsum and sexisum…………………..what else do u think would tie in with “pride” that could be found in pictures

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Answer by Ron G
Size? Some people are very proud of their size. I think there’s a sumo pride movement in Japan, isn’t there?

How about age pride? The AARP is big on that, right?

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One thought on “im doing a poster on……?”

  1. Gay pride. Look for rainbow flags and pink triangles and the red ribbons (those ribbons were the first of their kind), commemorating those dead of AIDS and protesting the lack of medical research.

    Black pride. A raised fist.

    Irish (Italian, German etc) pride. The millions who make sure to wear green on March 17th (and other “days” dedicated to any given heritage).

    Military pride. Everything from “Veteran” license plates to tattoos of unit insignias and motto’s such as “Semper Fi” (US Marines, Latin abbreviation of “Always Faithful”).

    Pride of Ownership: Harley Davidson tattoos, FORD T-shirts, BMW key fobs.

    Personal pride. “I’d rather be fishing,” Grateful Dead and National Rifle Association bumper stickers.

    Political pride. “W” bumper stickers. “Don’t blame be I voted for Gore” bumper stickers. Buttons that read “I shaved because I want NO BUSH” and “Vote YES on prop 17.”

    Local pride: Posters and billboards extolling a town’s virtues, such as “Glasgow’s Miles Better” or “Scranton, home of the electric trolley.”

    School pride. “Go Trojans!” “Go Eagles!” “Go Tar heels!” School rings, school stickers on a car’s rear windows, school sweatshirts, etc.

    Patriotic pride. “These colors don’t run.” “Love it or Leave it.” “God Bless America/England/Whatever.” Flying the Flag on the 4th of July, flag lapel pins, etc.

    Tribal pride. Prison tattoos, gang hand signals and “colors,” Masonic handshakes, Christian jewelry, Jewish jewelry, Punk hairstyles, Goth fashion, Emo eyeliner, preppy tennis shirts.

    Professional pride. Union jackets. “MD” license plates. “Thank a Music Teacher” and “Nurses Care” stickers.

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