Is your cross for faith or fad?

Question by davidm: Is your cross for faith or fad?
Why the Cross?

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

— 1 Corinthians 1:18

A true story was reported about a couple that was visiting a jewelry store. As the jeweler showed them various cross necklaces, the woman commented, “I like these, but do you have any without this little man on them?”

That is what so many people want today: a cross without Jesus. They want a cross without any offense, one that will look cool with their outfits. But if we could travel back in time and see the cross in its original context, we would realize that it was a bloody and vile symbol. It would have been the worst picture imaginable to see someone hanging on a cross.

The Romans chose crucifixion because it was meant to be a slow, torturous way to die. It was designed to humiliate a person. Crucifixions outside Roman cities served as warnings to anyone who would dare oppose the rule of Rome.

If there was any other way, do you think that God would have allowed His Son to suffer like this? If there had been any other way we could have been forgiven, then God surely would have found it. If living a good moral life would get us to heaven, then Jesus never would have died for us. But He did, because there was and is no other way. He had to pay the price for our sin. At the Cross, Jesus purchased the salvation of the world.

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Answer by thinkin’ out loud
Neither. Don’t have one.

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4 thoughts on “Is your cross for faith or fad?”

  1. Wow! Where to begin on this one…

    ADD: OK. Here are a few.

    1) The use of the cross as a religious symbol far pre-dates Christianity.
    2) The use of the cross as a non-religious decoration far pre-dates Christianity.
    3) If Jesus, or anyone else that was ever crucified for that matter, knew that a instrument of torture was used as a symbol for followers of his teachings he would not be happy.
    4) I could go on & on.

  2. I totally agree. As a teenaged Catholic, I think it’s wrong that so many gothic and emo kids are wearing crosses and crucifixes because they look cool. We need to relize that what we do and wear says some thing about us, like it or not.

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