Memory Tattoo for guys?? help?

Question by OUCH123: Memory Tattoo for guys?? help?
I like to design my own tattoos, this challenge is making a memory tattoo for guys so we can add little parts to it each time. For example, girls can get a charm tattoo that looks really nice and can add a charm to it each time. This is basically the idea I want but dont want it to be a charm band because thats a little feminine. Any ideas on a design I can use that will fit in with adding memories like adding charms in the other one? thanks 🙂

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Answer by Kitty610
A guy friend of mine had the “charm” anklet, and it really worked for him, mainly because the chain looked different. If you look at women’s jewelry, the chains are usually finer and “cuter”. The chain tattoo he had was bulkier and “manly” looking, like men’s jewelry usually is. It worked pretty well. There aren’t many items that men wear regularly that they add to over time, at least, not like women do with their bracelets. So don’t scrap the charm thing entirely, because with body art, you can make it look as manly as you want.

You could also do a tribal theme, where as the events occur, the tribal grows, and every new memorial tatt could be in a tribal “frame”, as part of the whole. Kinda like a family tree? Or, really, just a tree theme could work. Really depends on the customer, tho.

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