Please help i need a answer asap?

Question by Joe W: Please help i need a answer asap?
Ok I know this is dumb but can yall help me here please ok what shoes and accessories should i wear with my work uniform tomorrow

my uniform

red polo shirt

1. kakahi shorts
2. cargo pants

accessories i would like to wear at least 3-5 things

1. Beaded metal necklace
2. A/e Cross necklace
3. Herringbone Chain
4. Leather Bracelet
5. White Rubber Bracelet
6. yellow Bracelet
7. Timex Red/Black watch
8. Toe Ring
9. figaro chain
10. fake dice earrings
11. industrial necklace
12. tribal necklace

Shoes I wanna wear w/o socks too

1.grey nike darts
2. vans bearcats
3. a/e Retro jogger
4. Nike Shox
5. regular vans

also how should i wear my hair tomorrow please help

1. small pony tail
2. spiked
3. small rat tail

Best answer:

Answer by magz
i think that wearing nothing to work would bring attention to you


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One thought on “Please help i need a answer asap?”

  1. kahaiki shorts
    preferably no jewelry because i think it looks unattractive on guys but out of your choices the cross necklace
    spiked i guess never put your hair in a pony tail or rat tail ew…

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