Q&A: am i gauging my ears to fast?

Question by Alisa: am i gauging my ears to fast?
i am gauging my ears and last Saturday i went from a 16 to a 12 and my ears were soar and swollen for about 5 days then i went from a 12 to a 8. am i gauging my ears to much to fast, if i want them to eventually grow back to normal someday?

ps. please don’t post replies saying how stupid it is to gauge them, or if you’ve never gauged your ears
i made sure that my 12 was completely healed and not swollen anymore, wich i guess was more like 6 days later before i went to the 8.

and i used tapers both times. and i clean everything out twice a day.

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Answer by Megan : ]]
Hmm. I’m not sure. Just the bigger you get, the harder and longer its going to take for them to grow back. I’m thinking that maybe your going kinda fast…But then again, its all about the pain you can withstand.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: am i gauging my ears to fast?”

  1. a little to fast wate about a week when your in the small guages before you go up but once you get too 6g to 1/2g you should wate about 2weeks maybe more but a full month if you go higher than a half guage

  2. WAY TO FAST!!!!

    the right way is to go 18..16..14..12..10..8..6..4..2..0..00.
    u should go back to a 16 and then do the number thing. and wait at least 2 weeks in between. i waited a month or sometimes more. If you skip you can do serious damage to your ear and cause blow outs.

    Google it lol

  3. no i dont think you are doing it too fast but when you change the size you should let it heal COMPLETLY before going to the next size. Make sure you take very good care of them. Its not hard for that kind of thing to get very infected. When i did my ears i was stupid! I went from a 18 gauge to a 6 gauge.:/ it hurt alot! It never got infected thank god!, but it could of. How big do you plan to get them? After they are streched to a certain size they wont go back to normal. If you keep them at 8 or even 6 probably a bit bigger but after that they probably wont shrink completly the way they were before. Take care and good luck!

  4. My ears are stretched in this order from bottom of lobe then up:
    14g 1st holes
    6g second holes
    00g third holes
    16g fourth holes
    Here is a picture of my ear before my 16g 4th holes:


    BTW Its stretching ears..not gauging…common misuse of words. Gauge is the size of the hole..stretching is the procedure.

    I did all the stretching myself except my 0g stretch. I wasn’t too sure on going that big that far up my ear, and I didn’t want to end up with a blow out Here is a link so i dont have to explain it :


    I wont lie I did improper stretching but I’d say you’re going to fast. You aren’t giving your body enough time to heal up. You are going to damage the skin quickly. First you dont FORCE a jewelry size in thats too big. I went slowly with my 00g stretchings. I used pinschers to stretch (those curved earings). They let me slowly work the earring through at my body’s pace. Thats what you need to do.

    You should NOT SKIP SIZES AT ALL!!! Let me tell you you don’t think 2 to a 0g is a big stretch then you go to 00g…and when you get your tapers for your 7/16″ thats shocking.

    If you want them back to normal one day I’d stop at that. I’ve let my 6g close up once due to losing a my one tribal, and it stayed around a 12 after six months of closing. I did re stretch them after finding my tribals again

    You’re asking to damage your skin and possibly end up with a blow out. I’d stay that small if you want your ears to go back to normal (Which I don’t get it..why bother spending all that on jewelry and go through it just to take them out..but oh well to each his own)

    And I get told my earings are stupid all the time. I was told go no bigger than a 00g. or it will tear by someone at stupid Hot Topic. Well my piercer looked at it and laughed. He said I can easily hit 1/2″ with my 3rd holes if I take it slow to avoid blow out or tearing. i have yet to see someone with multiple stretchings like i have (going small to big not big to small) and i plan on hitting 1/2″ in the next few years.

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