Q&A: Do you like to do African Dance?

Question by meka: Do you like to do African Dance?
I`m writing a 5 page paper about African dance help!!!

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Answer by Christa
And what does us having to like do with that???

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Do you like to do African Dance?”

  1. i love african tribal dance, it is sometime i learnt whilst in botswana, i was working with the basawa san tribes, and i never give up a chance to learn a new dance style. im not sure what type of information your looking for though?

    well, music is a extremely important part of the culture, thus we dance with singing (usually a mix of languages as there are almost 30 different languages spoken around the tribes) and music played on hand made drums and voices of those watching/dancing.

    costumes for showing to outsiders are usually made of animal skins and colorful strings and ostrich shell jewelry. but when they are just on there own thy tend to just dance in the animal skins, though it took a while before i discovered this, it wasn’t until my third month there that i learnt enough of naro (one of the languages) and managed to ask.

    lots of jewelry made out of seeds are used to make sounds as they move, and kicking the sand up in patterns is a common move.

    hmmmm, thats all i can think of….well that and dances used to be used for healing and the bringing of a change of weather ect….but it is only really used in celebration in these more modern times.

    thats all i can think of for now. hope it helped!

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