Q&A: fashion trends 2008??? 10 points best answer.!?

Question by 😀: fashion trends 2008??? 10 points best answer.!?
what are this year fashion trends?
name them all
and if u can
include some examples
and yes im gonna give u 10 points if ur answer is what im looking for x]
damn its gonna be hard to pick an answer lol

Best answer:

Answer by cody j
well um furry jackets umm furry boots umm…….. and strait legs jeans

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: fashion trends 2008??? 10 points best answer.!?”

  1. well, right now it is all about the UGGs with jeans. also with tight layered tops.
    in the spring it is all going to be about bright colors with floral designs.
    in summer, i think more brightly colored layered tank tops, jean short shorts, and flip- flops.
    in the winter (and fall), i am thinking furry jackets, more advanced boots with jeans and a new style.
    i hope this is enough detail 🙂

  2. Geometric prints
    Boy fit blazers
    Vibrant colour
    Sheer fabrics
    Painterly styles, (just throwing colour about)
    Waistlines (with cinching belts)

    That’s if you’re into high fashion anyway..

  3. Spring/Summer: lots of ruffles. flowy, chiffon dresses. fresh and airy. Very feminine. Victorian beauty. 1940s comeback. Bubble skirts still in style. light, natural colors= white, creamy yellow, beige, light grey/blue, powder pink.

    Fall/Winter: Lots of grey. Still lots of chiffon, but with a more structured business like twist. Tall riding boots in grey. Gradual color fading.

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