Q&A: First day of school, Freshman outfit?

Question by Jaymiee Campolini: First day of school, Freshman outfit?
Please help, thanks 🙂

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Answer by Yasmine
Well for my first day of school I was thinking of wearing a dress like this with black flats (:

Either this or a white tank top with a black cardigan a pair of skinny jeans and black flats or black sandals
Good Luck (:

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: First day of school, Freshman outfit?”

  1. It really depends in your style and what you really like! i suggest you wear something comfortable because its your first day but also something trendy. If i was on your shoes I would wear skinny jeans and a nice blouse and some really cute sandles and make up is up to you 🙂

  2. Just wear what you are comfortable in and what you love. Don’t start high school off just doing what everybody else is, and wearing the same exact outfit as twenty girls around you. Be you, show your personality off in your outfit, and you’ll be sure to find the people you fit in with.

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