Q&A: How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?

Question by Ellen: How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?
How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?
I absolutely love Ancient Egypt. I even have a tattoo on my neck of an egyptian goddess. I don’t want to wear exactly what they wore of course! I mean i like tribal print and straight leg non-ripped jeans. But i want more suggestions of what to wear, how to wear my hair, and what jewelry i should have! ( i have stretched ears, so don’t suggest any earrings) Thanks for the help! I am not looking for a halloween costume, im looking for everyday out fit ideas.

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Answer by Amie Mackie
how can you be modern and ancient ?

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25 thoughts on “Q&A: How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?”

  1. i don’t think Modern and Ancient mix well, or at all…

    but when I think of Egypt, I think of colors like clean white, ivory, gold, turquoise, cerulean…
    as for hair, the media always “uses” straight black hair, with straight, chunky bangs.
    for jewelry, bangles, cuffs and chunky gold tone pieces with bright stones… things with the Ankh, eye of Horus/Ra and the like. Also Cats, Serpents, hawks, crocodiles, jackals and the scarab beetle we’re all common symbols to them as well.

    for makeup, if you wear it, try a nude lip, glowy skin and dark eyes, winged outward.

    but then again, this is just the medias portrayal of it all.

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