Q&A: Is it offensive to native americans if I wear feathers and have a dreamcatcher?

Question by T: Is it offensive to native americans if I wear feathers and have a dreamcatcher?
I think that Native American art and jewelry is beautiful! I love turquoise and feathers and the headdresses (but I wouldn’t wear one) and I saw this lady online (she wasn’t native american) and she wrote this essay thing on how disrespectful it is for people to wear feathers in their hair and wear moccasins if they arent indian..

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Answer by Haruka T
It may be (slightly) offensive to some.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: Is it offensive to native americans if I wear feathers and have a dreamcatcher?”

  1. why is it offensive? because u dont know the significance of why natives wear feathers and have dream catchers? i think thats ridicoulous. I go to so many pow-wows and its the Natives that are selling thier native jewelries, feathers, and dreamcatchers. do u think they tell u u cant buy it if u dont know the meaning behind it? heck no…. wear it if u love it. plus inidans are not the only ones who wears feathers and turqoise. theres lot of ethnic groups that have precious stones and feathers embedded for ornamental and sacred reasons.

  2. Moccasins are shoes. They have no spiritual meaning. We don’t even wear them anymore, except during dances. Go ahead and wear them if you like, I promise you no REAL native will be offended.

    Hair feathers? As the current fashion is nothing like any native style (purple or pink chicken feathers ) I find nothing in that remotely offensive either.

    Neither is wearing turquoise.

    Now…Wearing EAGLE feathers, yes, that would be offensive, as they are sacred, and only given under special circumstances. It is a great honor to have the right to wear eagle feathers. They are not given lightly.

    What IS offensive is people using native american images as sports mascots, wearing “war paint” and eagle feather headdresses as fan props and using them inappropriately. THAT is just sick, and wouldn’t be tolerated if you were using the sacred imagery of any other ethnic group. Think about it.

    And dreamcatchers? They’re just crib ornaments, nothing more. Nothing sacred about them, any more than your baby’s crib mobile. We think it is kinda silly when white adults buy them for themselves, but hey, whatever. Doesn’t offend us in the least.

    This is pretty funny. So far, I’m the only enrolled Native American Tribal Member who has answered, and giving you my answer “not offended” is getting a thumbs-down? Really? Did you want and expect me to be offended? Seriously? After all your people have done to give offense to Native Americans, (you know, massacring us and stealing our land) do you really think we’d be upset if you put chicken feathers in your hair????? Give me a break!!

  3. Like Thunder Sleeps says no offence here….I’ve got far more important things to get offended over to worry about someone wearing feathers and having a dreamcatcher…

    And like was said Eagle feathers are a taboo though….in fact it is against the law for anyone except a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe or Nation to have them, and even we have to apply and prove our enrollment in order to have them…

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