Q&A: Need help with christmas list have any ideas?

Question by : Need help with christmas list have any ideas?
im 15 (girl) and have no idea wat to put on my list…. i like softball, shopping etc.

this is wat i have so far:
1. nintendo ds games
2. harajuku love perfume
3. sound soothing clock
4. hannah montana the move 😀 lol
5. key chain wit a real key on it and a car outside haha
6. noel lotion from bath and body
7. flat screen tv
8. new phone and or cover
9. itunes card
10. transformers 2
11. black columbia jacket
12. nike shorts/sandals


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Answer by made you look = ] MARYCHRISTMAS!
Way to much! Your exspecting to get a flat screen t.v, car, and cell phone. Pick 1 big thing and 5 little under 30 dollar things.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Need help with christmas list have any ideas?”

  1. Magazine subscriptions to Elle and Vogue
    Gift Cards to Forever 21 & Penney’s & Rave
    Pajamas (cute ones)
    Video Camera
    Digital Camera
    CDs: Tech N9ne, The Go-go’s, Relient K, Micheal Jackson, The Edge
    History Channel Documentaries
    A cute skin for my Blackberry Curve
    iTunes or Zune gift card
    Jewelry-making books & supplies
    – Fish hook earring hooks
    – flat nose pliers
    – various beads
    -tribal & statement pendants
    Wood burning kit
    Scroll Saw
    Drimmel (Woodworking tool)
    Mini Fridge
    Art Sets/Easel
    Cars For Dummies or something along those lines
    Fashion Scarves

    Hope I helped!

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