Q&A: Summer look.?.?

Question by *~Brutally honest~*: Summer look.?.?
can anyone send me somw pictures of what will be in style this summer, nothing super expensive plz!

Send ur ideas 2 me @


Something sporty I am into synchronized swiming and I will be working as an Assistant Lifeguard. I am only 14 so something decent.


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Answer by Annie
This spring/summer is all about:
Black and White
Vibrant Snakeskin
Neutral leather
Graphic Jewelry
Ombre (Getting darker at bottom or top, getting ligthter as moving horizontally)
Art prints
Pastel eyeshadow
Satin Skin
Coral lips
Neutral nails
Tousled hair
Loose Ponytails and Pigtails
Disco Glam
Color Block
Full dresses and skirts
Awesome shoes& accessories
Fun bags

As a lifeguard, I would just get a pair of board shorts from Target or Wal-Mart, (you can buy boys ones that look cute) because they’re decent and cute. Then pair them with a top (any kind you want). They are decent and cute. I don’t know if you want something a little more flexible or something, but I suggest getting shorter board shorts in that case, you can find some cute Roxy ones for like $ 5.00 at TJ Max. (I went there Thrusday).

Good luck and have fun!

Sorry I didn’t send pics.

Oh they have swimshorts at www.aeropostale.com or www.pacsun.com

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Jazz up a plain outfit with a touch of tribal chic using FIMO clay. Made by layering different colours and cutting them into sections, fab high street worthy…

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  1. wow im a swimmer too…but not syncro

    but yeah any kind of board shorts they are timeless, especially the ones with flowers and a vest top or t-shirt, probably plain if you are wearing patterned shorts.


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