Q&A: what can i wear with these boots?

Question by heeeeyaaaaaaaa: what can i wear with these boots?
so i just got these boots for christmas an i want to wear them for new years but I can’t find a cute top to wear them with i love like forever 21 i just need a top and im wearing these jeans


and these are the boots

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Answer by Dan
Nothing would be nice.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: what can i wear with these boots?”

  1. “I love like forever21” xD I lmao… Anyways those boots are cute but in black for meh :3 If it were me I would wear a Victorian high collar blouse in a fun colour and my cameo or a cupcake cult graphic tee but that’s just me! If you are girly I think you should wear a fun sparkley top since it’s new years or maybe something cute and Lace-y! Pair with some nice jewelry! Idk what ever your style is. If you like Boho stuff then wear a fun African print top or one of those shredded tops. You could even do a tribal print dress with leggings. If you like gothic (your style would rock :3) style I’d do a nice dark red lace dress with some antique jewelry. For a scene/emo style (your style would rock also if you were this style tee hee) I would do a funky sparkly dress and fishnets! Or since Its jeans a funky top with bright and fun jewlery!!! It’s new years have fun!!!! Don’t be afraid to go out there!

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