Q&A: What clothes to buy for school? 10 points!!?

Question by Lauren S: What clothes to buy for school? 10 points!!?
I want to revamp my wardrobe since i am starting high school. i want an edgy yet girly and chic look. i also want to accessorize a bit more since i pretty much dont at all. i dont want it to be too over-the-top but i want it to be really cute. i want to know what types of shoes, tops, jeans, and accessories to get to be in style this fall/winter for school.

i have a pretty curvy physique. my hips and thighs are the main curves in my body. my arms and waist, however are pretty slim so i love accentuating that portion of my body. my boobs are pretty good size as well.

oh and i dont really like wearing shorts or skirts because my legs have scars from an accident. but capris are okay. thank you! (:

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Answer by Mwahahahahaha
Lol I usally shop at forever 21 and cahrlette ruse they have cute clothes!

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18 thoughts on “Q&A: What clothes to buy for school? 10 points!!?”

  1. forever21

    7 fashion shirts: like the trend now is floral.tribal,ruffles,lace ect…

    tanks: white,black,brown,mustard yellow,light pink are must haves

    shorts: about 3pairs floral kind are too cute and in trend right now and a denim to go with everything

    skirts: much like shirts floral,lace,tribal, ruffles ect.. about 3

    dresses: much like the shirts as well same trend about 5 casual dresses when you don’t feel like choosing an entire outfit (those lazy days) but youll still look really nice

    jeans: 7 pairs mainly dark wash are essentials

    shoes: wedges,sandals,sneakers floral flats& solid colored

    i hope this helps i mean you dont need to get the same quantity but just to give you an idea

    sweaters and cardigans 🙂

  2. Shop at Forever 21, PacSun, Hollister, and A&F (:
    Go for girly things like florals & ruffles but also really cute laid-back summery things like sundresses, tribal prints, cute tank tops, bright colors, etc. Things you’d find in California stores like HCo and PacSun (:
    For the more edgy look, A&F actually has a pretty good selection. You can get like leather jackets & things that look more “tough” there as well as super cute/preppy girly things!
    For accessorizing, Forever 21. They have really simple, cute, and chic jewelry that’s really inexpensive and easy to style! I don’t accessorize much either but all my jewelry is either from F21, Macy’s, or Swarovski (:
    Shoes – TOMS! They’re super stylish now and really comfy & cute! Also Sperry’s, they’re the more high-fashion nautical look. UGGs for the winter of coursee 😉 If you don’t have any, get a Classic short in either Chestnut or Chocolate, but if you’re getting another pair, I’d suggest Bailey Button UGGs in grey as they’re adorable(: I have 7 pairs ahah. And you’ll need at least one pair of track/tennis shoes for sports & stuff, and also have a few pairs of really cute flats. And get a couple pairs of Coach sneakers! They’re superrr cute (: I LOVE them & have 4 pairs of them ahah, go for the really bright-colored Coach Barrett ones! Oh and also Juicy sneakers, but they’re more of a hassle. I have 2 pairs of them and they get dirty pretty easily.

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