Summer 2008 Fashion Trends (USA and Europe)?

Question by Mia: Summer 2008 Fashion Trends (USA and Europe)?
Can somebody give me some fashion trends? I usually dress very conservative (sweaters, button down shirts, loafers) but its summer time and I want to let loose…I just don’t want to be tacky! I’m going to be traveling to Europe and I don’t want to look like a fashion wreck.

Also, it would be nice if you provided a link so I can do some online shopping!

If it helps, I’m a 16 year old girl with very light skin and dark brown hair. (Its hard to find colors that match well.)

PS I will give those ten points =)

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Answer by mary d
I love wetseal

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One thought on “Summer 2008 Fashion Trends (USA and Europe)?”

  1. -vests
    -nautical colors (blue/white stripes, red, ropes, boat shoes)
    -masculine clothing (i think you’ll like this one. its shirts, vests, slacks, mainly black and white)
    – wide leg jeans/high waisted jeans in dark rinses
    – silver and gold metallics
    – bright colors (neon colors)
    – belts on waists (this trend is taking over fashion houses)
    – black and white designs (eg stripes, flowers, etc.)
    – all american (dress in red, white, and blue)
    – colorblock (2 or 3 colors only)
    – ombre/dip dye
    – grecian (draping and white/gold)
    – gladiator sandals (extremely popular)
    – aviators (i love these)
    – polka dots (retro 60’s is back)
    – ruffles
    – bohemian (this is more casual)
    – street chic
    – yellow
    – chunky jewelry
    – tribal prints
    – zebra/animal prints
    – delicate jewelry (silver necklaces, etc.
    – punk/rock
    – creative shoes (eg. marc jacob’s misplaced heel shoe)
    – safari inspired clothing
    – loose flowing dresses
    – pastels

    spring/summer is basically all about color, life, and creativity.

    i dont know your shopping price range but here are a few affordable sites. – this is the affordable line of Armani – check out harujuku lovers – anything from gwen stefani is nice – check out bbdakota. i love that brand – of course

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