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Q&A: How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?

Question by Ellen: How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?
How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?
I absolutely love Ancient Egypt. I even have a tattoo on my neck of an egyptian goddess. I don’t want to wear exactly what they wore of course! I mean i like tribal print and straight leg non-ripped jeans. But i want more suggestions of what to wear, how to wear my hair, and what jewelry i should have! ( i have stretched ears, so don’t suggest any earrings) Thanks for the help! I am not looking for a halloween costume, im looking for everyday out fit ideas.

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Answer by Amie Mackie
how can you be modern and ancient ?

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Q&A: someone smart break this down for me Examine your own ancient heritage to discover the art made …?

Question by Dizzy: someone smart break this down for me Examine your own ancient heritage to discover the art made …?
Examine your own ancient heritage to discover the art made in a long-distant time period.

Very tough teacher . Online course . Basic explanation of what I should be writing about .

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Answer by Tammy M
not sure i understand your question…but if i do…an example would be like going back into my heritage into the tribal culture of the irish or scots people and examining their art such as their jewelry or even their shields or weapons. not sure if this will be helpful or not.

edit…there is meaning behind all their work as compared to todays stuff which is done for no other reason than its artistic beauty.

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The Most Ancient Tattoos – Tribal Tattoo Images

Tribal tattoos designs are among the most old and the most popular tattoo designs all over the world. Just look: every third person who makes a tattoo prefers a tribal tattoo. One of the reasons is that tribal tattoo images can reveal a great number of meanings that often depend on the country, culture and the design and style of the tribal tattoo itself. So every person can find a tribal tattoo image that will be in harmony with his temper and will show his personality and individuality. Moreover, tribal tattoos designs in all cases are stylish, they are the most old and they will never go out of vogue. Tribal tattoo designs were made since the dawn of mankind. The word “tribal” says for itself. Tribal tattoo images are made all over the world though they differ significantly from culture to culture. Tribal tattoo designs are characterized by wide black lines usually symmetrically oriented. Tribal tattoos had various connotations but they always revealed the position of the owner in the society and were never chosen without meaning. For Indians tattoos were signs of their religion and spirituality. In the ancient times tattoo designs were besides usually made as signs of security. For Hawaiians tattoo images were signs of identification, as in our times passports. They showed the origin and the position of the person in the society. For Polynesians tattoos designs were sacred because they were tightly connected with their gods and beliefs. Tattoos designs in Polynesia are an honored tradition of the ancestors. Tattoo masters always were highly honored and tattoos themselves were a privilege of priests and chiefs. Such traditional tattoo images were made with shark teeth and always identified the social status of their owner.

Various animals are usually used in tribal tattoo designs. Earlier animals on tattoos designs nearly always were totems. Today the choice of animal also determines the connotation of tattoo. Butterflies symbolize lightness and also immortality of the sole. They are generally made by women because of their attractivness, but in some countries butterflies represent the soles and butterfly tattoo images are made in remembrance of family members or beloved people. Bear tattoo images symbolize might and at the same time good nature. Men usually choose them as symbols of luck. Eagles are nearly always associated with freedom and power. On the whole, animal tattoos designs are mostly often preferd for the character of the animal depicted, because these tattoos reveal and emphasize the main traits of the person and his character. Earlier tattoos were often thought to have mysterious power that’s why the decesion was especially important. Nowadays form, size and style of tattoo also matters. But of course the meaning of tribal tattoo images is also based on the cultural background. One and the same animal can be a sign of war in one culture and a totem in another. That’s why, now the meaning of tribal tattoo design is really oroginal. The choice of tattoo design can tell you a lot about the its owner. Tribal tattoos designs not only are stylish they have a deep meaning and emphasize the unique personality of the person.

Tribal tattoos designs are among the most ancient and the most widely spread tattoo designs in all cultures. Only look: every third individual who is going to make a tattoo prefers a tribal tattoo. One of the reasons is that tribal tattoo designs can reveal a big number of meanings that often depend on the country, culture and the design and style of the tribal tattoo design itself. So everyone has a possibility to find a tribal tattoo design that will pass to his temper and will show his personality and originality. Even more, tribal tattoos designs always are up-to-date, they are the most old and they will never go out of style.

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Brass jewelry is an ancient jewelry

Brass jewelry, with bright color appearance, it had been a lot of people praise from ancient times to the present. Brass jewelry includes necklace, rings, bracelet, etc; all of them are with fine workmanship and elegant appearance.

Because the use of brass is early and cheaper than other precious metals such as gold or silver, so the cheap brass jewelry is also one of the most widely jewelry loved by the common citizens in the early ancient time. Today, brass jewelry is also very popular in some places; it passed on from generation to generation and become a classical and traditional jewelry. Even in some ethnic groups, the tradition of wearing brass jewelry is as one of their national tradition.

Brass is one of the first metals to discover by human beings.

Before thousands years, human began to use brass. This also made brass jewelry as one of the earliest jewelry that people worn in history.

Most of the brass jewelry that people of the modern society wear is actually alloy jewelry. This kind of brass is an alloy that made of copper and zinc. The brass which is made of copper and zinc is called common brass. If the brass is a several alloy that consisting of two or more elements, for example the copper alloy which made of lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, silicon, is called special brass. Brass has good wear poof ability.

Compare with other metal, cheap is the greatest strength of brass, and has good pliability and ductility, and is easy to work. Brass jewelry also has drawback, like it is easy oxidation and changing color and many people will allergic to brass.

Because of its good ductibility, and be easy to work, brass is often used to make cheap jewelry, even some new concept fashion jewelry also use the low cost brass. After treated by polishing which is to anti-oxidation, brass jewelry can get beautiful color.

After treated by polishing, the appearance of brass jewelry is similar to gold jewelry, some lawless person often palm off the brass jewelry as gold jewelry, in fact, it’s not difficult to identify brass jewelry and gold jewelry. Because the proportion of brass is less than gold, in the same size conditions, gold jewelry is heavier than brass jewelry, and its color is more yellow, brass jewelry’s color appears redder.

There is one main drawback to copper jewelry ; it’s easy to oxidation and change color. To prevent oxidation, it’s best to avoid contact with the water, and galvanize or daub a layer of isolation.

If the brass jewelry becomes oxidized, the best way to clean it is to send it to a professional jewelry store. The simplest way is to wipe it with cloth which dips a little toothpaste, it better to use a polishing compound substitute for toothpaste. Finally, coat with a nail polish on the treated brass jewelry, make it isolated from air to prevent oxidized and change color again.

Ordinary consumers criticize brass jewelry for it makes people’s skin allergic, and an excess of copper entered the human’s body can cause harm to human’s body.

But there’s another opinion in medical community, some medical specialists regard that wearing brass jewelry can prevent arthritis and help improve the skin. Even have medical journals expound the science which of wearing brass jewelry can prevent arthritis by professional papers.
Brass jewelry is harmful or healthful to human’s body, however, it till needs more authoritative scientific evidence to judge, but one thing we can assure that, in the development of human civilization brass jewelry used to be one of the most popular jewelry in the past thousands of years.

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Hawaiian Jewelry Is Ancient Culture Jewelry

There exists a history behind the origin of this beautiful Hawaiian jewelry. The famous Hawaiian jewelry, found in the North Yorkshire Coast, is a form of black jet stone or the enamel, and carved with floral, vine or scroll designs. This enamel is often seen in the form of brooches, rings, pendants and bracelets. The original Hawaiian jewelry, which is comprises nature’s beauty, namely flowers. The ancient Hawaiian jewelry was crafted from puka sheet, cowries’ shells, feathers, corals, seeds, shark teeth and whale ivory. The modern styles highlight the use of sparking gold, sterling silver, genuine pearl, making use of a wide range of colors, like dyed colors and various freshwater pearls.

There are various designs used in Hawaiian jewelry, a kind of handmade costume jewelry and the most common designs used in this type of jewelry are the floral ones, found in plenty on the Hawaiian Islands.

Many designers use a variety of Hawaiian ferns and various other plants as their jewelry designs. One may also come across the Hawaiian sea life that incorporates the lifestyle of the Hawaiian island. These sea life designs include the Hawaiian dolphin, Hawaiian Honu, the whale, the Hawaiian seal, seashells, starfish, swordfish and various varieties of Hawaiian sea life.

In addition to the beautiful flora and fauna, the Hawaiian jewelry are also reflected in the collection of its exquisite jewelry items. The range of styles includes bangles, bracelets, dazzling necklaces, body jewelry, anklets, pendants, rings, toe rings and many other fashionable items.

The Hawaiians experiments on various materials and is basically the mix of the traditional Hula Dancing themes and the Hawaiian jewelry engraving techniques that contains artistic hand-carved work, and focuses on the flower series. The decent piece of Hawaiian jewelry is graded as “the most important” amongst the wide range of Hawaiian handmade costume jewelry.

In order to manage your dazzling Hawaiian jewelry and maintain it in its original state for years, you need to clean it at regular intervals. Here are some tips to care for your Hawaiian jewelry. Polish the Hawaiian jewelry with the jewelry cleaner available in the market. Do not dip the jewelry in any kind of solution as it may damage the luster shine of the product. Jewelry that is made from silver should be carefully protected from getting tarnished, that is caused mainly due to prolonged exposure to air. Store the beautiful jewelry in separate cases, and handle it with care. Hawaiian jewelry can be an ideal gift for someone your special, with this unique and exclusive jewelry can provide a feeling of elegant.

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History Of Ancient Love For Sparkling Jewelry

My love for jewelry has always made me curious about the history of these adornments. Nowadays, the jewelry market has expanded to a dynamic circle including specialized designers, goldsmiths, handmade jewelry makers and gemstone experts. The variety for buying the ornamental jewels is limitless both in terms of materials and designs. It’s a really interesting thought that who really started this trend in the first place, because as long as I know jewelry has always been in vogue never getting out of fashion. As we go back to the earlier signs of life on earth, cave people come to our minds instantly. It is fascinating to know about their lifestyle which was very organic and natural. It is said that the first jewelry piece was found in one of the caves of African continent which was made of shells thousands of years ago. Isn’t this a fascinating discovery! I mean thousands of years ago when people used to live in caves, depended on hunting for their food and used natural coverings like leaves and animal skins; someone thought of adorning themselves with a piece of seashell jewelry.

I mean that is really creative! It was discovered that Egyptians were the first to establish decorative ornaments for their adornment.

The Egyptian era looks like a fantasy tale looking at the pyramids, mummies and sphinx in Cairo. The power of kings was immense which was shown through luxuries gold adornments worn by these kings. Well it is interesting to know that jewelry gathered so much importance in Egyptian era that it was worn by wealthy men even after their death. Egyptians proved to be very creative by adding glass and precious gems to their shiny adornments. The Egyptian necklace and headdress worn by Nefertiti is a classical example of the importance of these jewels in the ancient Egyptian times. If we look at the Mesopotamia history, we open our eyes to extremely creative pieces of classy jewelry. They were quite some designers! They used gold, silver and gemstones in their pieces but the designs are what marvel me the most. Their crowns were designed with engravings of shapes of animals, fruits and leaves.

Such stylized designs are even unique in today’s world! They used to make amulets, collar necklaces, ankle bracelets, jewel-headed pins and cylinder seals. Most of the modern designers take their inspirations from the heavy ornamental styles of Mesopotamian age for their creativity and uniqueness. Looking at some pieces of Greek jewelry, one develops a desire to grab some of their extremely beautiful designs. The spiraled gold earrings from 16th century BC are so well designed that they beat today’s designers easily. It is said that Greeks were masters in making colored ornaments using gemstones and glass. Other materials included gold, ivory, clay and bronze. There jewelry was simpler in design than Egyptians and Mesopotamians and it was not used in day to day routine although they used to wear Evil Eye for protection from super natural powers. Most of their pieces were dedicated to their Gods.

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Wearing ancient coin jewelry

What is more unique than carrying a piece of history on your body? Yes that is exactly what you will do when you wear . Any kind of ancient coin incorporated in a piece of jewelry makes the piece absolutely unique and something to be proud of. It is also a great idea for a gift.


There are many types of ancient jewelries which are taking the modern form today among the Jews as well as people all over the world. Some of the ancient jewelries that people are aware of are beautiful beads necklace or bracelet worn by women known as Kuwmaz. A combination of necklace and pendant are often seen which are called Anaq, the necklace and Saharon the pendant which is crescent shaped. Another type of was bracelet given to women known as Tsamiyd. Nezem were earrings or rings.


The ancient jewelries are revived by the Israeli craftsmen to give new look and bring novelty to the existing pattern.



The that are used in the jewelries are authentic ancient dating back to almost 2000 years in Jewish history. The oldest among them are from the Hasmonian period when king Alexander Jannaeus ruled (103-76 BC). This was also the period when the whole area where Israel is today was ruled by the Greeks. Thus the coins of this period have strong Greek influence even though they are Jewish.


The most recent coins to be used in the jewelry are from 2nd century CE. These coins have Hebrew writings on them. the one that is worth mentioning is a coin which has Shimon written on one side which was the name of a rebellious leader and on the other side it was ” For the Freedom of Jerusalem” from the Roman rule. These coins have strong Roman influence.


The Israeli craftsmen today are incorporating these coins into pieces of jewelry which are extremely attractive. You will find beautiful pieces for women like gold Hamsa pendant with authentic Masada coin. The same Masada coin can be set in a 14k gold pendant which will compliment any outfit.


For men’s jewelry ancient coin cufflinks are very popular. The cufflinks are fashioned out of both gold and silver set with Mesada coins or Maccabean coins or King Agrippa coins. You may find cufflinks in silver coin which are not set in anything but the coin itself represents the cufflink.


Setting ancient coins in bracelets are also quite popular. 14k gold bracelet with Masada coin looks terrific. The bracelet could be made of twisted gold with a clasp. The coin would also be set in a delicate rim with twisted gold around it.


can be custom made and Israeli craftsmen offer authentic ancient coins to set in the jewelry. The historical significance of these jewelries cannot be denied and you can get information online about these jewelries.

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Wearing ancient coin jewelry

What is more unique than carrying a piece of history on your body? Yes, this is exactly what you do when you are wearing jewelry the old currency. Any type of currency listed in the old piece of jewelry makes a unique piece of its kind ever and something to be proud of. It is also a great idea for a gift.

Old ornaments

There are many types of old jewelry in the form of a modern day Jews as well as people all over the world. Some of the old jewelry that people are familiar with is a beautiful beaded necklace or bracelet worn by women known as Kuwmaz. Often seen as a combination of necklace, called Anaq, and a necklace and pendant Saharon a crescent-shaped. Another type of jewelry ancient bracelet given to women known as Tsamiyd. Nezem and earrings or rings.

Old coins

And revived the old jewelry by craftsmen in order to give Israel a new look and grandmother to the existing pattern.

Pieces that are used in jewelry and authentic ancient coins dating back to 2000, almost a year in Jewish history. The oldest of whom are from the period when he removed Hasmonian King Alexander Jannaeus (103-76 BC). This was also the period when the entire region where it is today that Israel had decided by the Greeks. Thus, this period of the exchange have a strong influence from the Greek, although they are Jewish.


To make use of coins in jewelry is the last of the century 2. These coins and Hebrew inscriptions on them. One that is worth mentioning is the currency in which Shimon written on one side of which is the name of the rebel leader and on the other side it was “for the freedom of Jerusalem” from Roman rule. These coins and a strong Roman influence.

The old currency and jewelry

Israeli craftsmen today is the integration of these coins into pieces of jewelry that are very attractive. You will find a nice piece for women such as gold necklace sizzle with real currency Masada. Masada currency to be set the same in a 14k gold necklace that will complement any outfit.

Jewellery for men cufflinks ancient coin are very popular. And model, and cufflinks from each of the gold and silver with a group of coins or currency Mesada leading the ranks, currencies, King Agrippa. You may find in cufflinks silver coin that is not set in anything but of the same coin is cufflink.

Development of old coins in the bracelets are very popular. 14k gold bracelet with currency Masada looks gorgeous. May be submitted twisted gold bracelet with a lock. And also can be set at the edge of sensitive currency with gold twisted around it.

Can be a coin jewelry ancient custom and craftsmen offered an authentic ancient coins of the set in jewelry. Can not be the historic importance of these ornaments can be denied, and you can get online information about these ornaments.

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KNOTTTTSSSS!!!! GAWD I HATE KNOOOOTTTTSSS once you get into them….it’s so hard to get out of them….just like what happened with our tribe so you just cut them and rethread the needle…..and get mellow jump the obstacle

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Fascinating Ancient Jewellery Of Africa

Ancient jewellery from Africa depicts the rich African traditions and is always colourful. The use of fine craftsmanship gives elegant finishes to the splendid jewellery of this beautiful and diverse land. From intricately designed hoop earrings to the heavily beaded necklaces, African jewellery is often associated with the different elements of nature and shows the innate creativity of the people. They even used the teeth and bones of animals they hunted for food in their process of jewellery making. The historical jewellery of their times is able to connect the wearer to the dreams and emotions of the people of this faraway land.

African jewellery making is also influenced by the climate of the various regions. The African wore jewellery not only for personal adornment, but also as an identifying mark for a society or a group. The most common material they used in their jewellery was beads from ostrich shells. Today, African beads come in a variety of colours and shapes and also in different textures. Copper and brass jewelleries were extensively used in some dry parts of Africa. The development in metal work gave a new turn to the process of making jewellery. They hammered metal sheets to make large gold earrings for the women. They were voluminous, about 15 to 20 cm in diameter. The ornaments made from marine shells like the cowrie and conus were believed to hold special charms. Necklaces and belts for ceremonial occasions were decorated with cowrie. Those made from conus are usually disc shaped and are beautifully crafted into smooth and flat pieces. Materials like ivory and amber were also used by the African tribes to make arms and neck bangles. They also used combs as hair ornaments and were mostly made of wood, animal teeth and sometimes were gold foiled. The historical jewellery of the Africans is mostly related to the different periods of life starting from child to adulthood.

There are many online sites that have a huge collection of African jewellery. You can avail them from anywhere in the world. The historical jewellery items are a hit among the modern women of today.

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