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Q&A: How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?

Question by Ellen: How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?
How to dress like a modern day ancient egyptian?
I absolutely love Ancient Egypt. I even have a tattoo on my neck of an egyptian goddess. I don’t want to wear exactly what they wore of course! I mean i like tribal print and straight leg non-ripped jeans. But i want more suggestions of what to wear, how to wear my hair, and what jewelry i should have! ( i have stretched ears, so don’t suggest any earrings) Thanks for the help! I am not looking for a halloween costume, im looking for everyday out fit ideas.

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Answer by Amie Mackie
how can you be modern and ancient ?

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How can I dress fashionably (EASY 10 POINTS)?

Question by : How can I dress fashionably (EASY 10 POINTS)?
I like vintage especially 80s and early 90s fashion. I think my style would be “romantic” since I have a a lot of rose and flowery clothing, pearl jewelry, and gold accessories. I also have polka dot and stripe pattern clothing. I want to spice up my wardrobe with juvenile clothes and accessories. By juvenile, I mean clothes that make me look young (I am in my early 20s). I like the tribal or animal print pattern but it is daring. I don’t know how to mix and match. What colors will make me look young?

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Answer by Justin
dont dress at all

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8th grade grad. dress plz help!?

Question by <333: 8th grade grad. dress plz help!?
ok well 8th grade graduation is coming up and im a 14 year old girl looking for a dress for my graduation! i needs to be inexpensive i want more of a pretty sundress then a glitzy glamoury prom dress..something flowy or something but short!! links and sites please hellpppp!..hairstyle ideas would be nice to recomend to

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Answer by sunny.the.qt
forever 21 has nice dresses or try garage, aeropostale, wet seal, ect

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Q&A: What can I pair this “Aztec Tribal Dress” from Forever 21 from?

Question by raepie: What can I pair this “Aztec Tribal Dress” from Forever 21 from?

How can accessorize this? With a tank or a shrug? and what shoes should I use? I love the dress but I’m at a loss with how to where it!

Thanks, Ladies!

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Answer by Anna Banana=))
Black Heels
Black purse
Curly Hairs With A Black Headband

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tekke tribe turkoman antique jewellery.
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What kind of jewelry would look good with this dress?

Question by aeidensmommy: What kind of jewelry would look good with this dress?

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Answer by Veeceebee
Something quite tribal-ish…











Hope that helped šŸ™‚

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What’s up with girls trying so hard to dress.?

Question by Sā™„: What’s up with girls trying so hard to dress.?
“Bohemian” and “hipster” and all this crap. They literally have rules like “you HAVE to have a colored fringe bag and wear a hippie headband and tribal jewelry” it’s like, wtf? I understand these are trends, but I literally see the same thing on every other girl so it’s like… where’s the originality? Where’s the YOU in that outfit?

I’m just trying to understand it… any ideas?
I care because I’d love some more female friends, but it’s hard to make friends with mindless shareholders.

@Vanessa So true. Appreciate your astute insights

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Answer by Anthony Lebron
They try to be pretty and dress up for other guys? Maybe they find that attractive or they think at least. I personally don’t. I find it completely silly and outrageous

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what can i dress up as for a halloween party?

Question by Delilah: what can i dress up as for a halloween party?
I don’t have a clue what to dress up as for a halloween party… i was going to go as a skanky playboy bunny, but decided i might just look like a whore so… my second idea was audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany’s but i’m still not sure…
any ideas?
I’m a 17 year old girl, with brown hair and blue eyes, thanks for your help!

Best answer:

Answer by aisha
dress like your favorite character

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How would you style this dress?

Question by Iona: How would you style this dress?

For a hot summery day.

Best answer:

Answer by Courtney
Gold jewelry and black or tan sandals

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Q&A: What necklace goes best with this dress?

Question by ———: What necklace goes best with this dress?
I LOVE this dress and am thinking of ordering it, but I REALLY want the same necklace to go with it. I went to the site’s jewelry section and I couldn’t find the necklace.

So here’s the dress:


Here are the necklaces:





Which necklace do you think goes the best? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Kaila
I think that the tribal style necklace would look better than the other necklaces. The necklace is cute and perfect for the outfit!!! Cool dress by the way

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How do I dress grunge/indie?

Question by Kimy: How do I dress grunge/indie?
so im really tired of looking like every single girl and i want to like kinda different and unique.. im curvy and do you think it will look good?.. anyway what kind of clothes, hair, makeup, jewelry should i wear too look grunge?

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Answer by All Oysters, No Pearls
Hmm… A good place to start is what you already have. When I think of grunge, I think of Kurt Cobain in that wacky picture with Courtney and Frances, simple black and white striped t-shirt with dark jeans and a funky accessory– those glasses.

So basic pieces like that are good, especially heather gray solid v-necks under flannels. One statement thing, like a necklace, or an ear cuff (some new trend, you can get them at Claire’s) would work just well.

For clothing, I’d suggest shopping around instead of sticking to one store. If you shop around, there’s more chance you can find unique clothing options that not many people have. Jeans are an absolute must for any sort of grunge look. Distressed is probably a good choice, but also muted colors wouldn’t look bad. But if you like a pair of polka dotted pants, go for it! Grunge is carefree and great within itself. For shops, jean wise, I’ve had luck at WetSeal, Old Navy, and American Eagle (I’m a short curvy gal as well.) dELIA’s is also a good place but tends to stick slimmer.

Tops. More modern grunge shows a funky sweater or a button up tank top/sheer thing. Like stated above, a staple is a regular t-shirt under a flannel shirt or a cardigan (hate always referencing to Cobain, but his MTV Unplugged look was fantastic.) I’d stick away from screen tees unless they were really basic. Floral (not to modern, more aged looking), lace, and tribal patterns are also very in, but stick to the muted tones. A floral/lace top looks fabulous under a leather jacket, and with the right pair of jeans, you’re set. Good stores with these items include–JCPenney, Kohls, American Eagle, H&M, Buckle, Pacsun, dELIAs, Wetseal, Forever 21, Modcloth.

Jewelry– muted tones, gold, pendant necklaces, bangles, try not to over do the jewelry. Any store can have these items, but Wetseal, Aeropostale, Forever 21, JCPenney, and H&M have great jewelry at lower prices.

What brings me too shoes! Most definitely you should get combat boots, and either High Top Converse (low tops are weird), Vans, or Keds. Those are the staple shoes.

Hair… I would not suggest grunge hair. Try loose beach waves, or you could channel Courtney Love with her cute little do’. Even a pixie/angular cut would work. It needs to look natural. Grunge isn’t truly about effort. Braids are super cute and make your hair naturally curly if you wear them at night.

Makeup… Try not to have skunk eye. Grunge is about being natural. If you’re going to play up your eyes, don’t pick a bold lip color. Vice Versa. Red lips call for modest eyes, probably mascara, and thin brown eyeliner if any. Pale pink lips can be paired with black eyeliner and mascara.

That’s all… Tumblr is famous for it’s grunge blogs. I’d suggest looking up pictures of Kathleen Hanna, Pearl Jam, Lana del Rey– modern grunge, Kurt Cobain and the band Nirvana, Courtney Love and her band Hole, even their daughter– Frances– has a pretty good sense of grunge style.

Have fun!

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