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What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?

Question by kiki: What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?
I met a girl w a line tattooed going down of her face on her right eye and she was native american from Seattle. People from her tribe also have it but I don’t know which tribe. And I haven’t seen her since then

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Answer by Salish
She was full of SH*T. Probably some new-age creep.

I am a native american from the Suquamish Tribe. Chief Seattle came from us. And there are no tribes in our area that have face tattoos.

There are less than two million REAL native americans in the world. As in, those belonging to in-tact native american communities.

There are roughly 200,000,000 (two hundred million) people who CLAIM to be native american or “descended” from native americans. The vast majority of them are wrong, and less than 4% of them even have any native american ancestry.

When there are more liars and wish-full thinkers than the actual thing, people become severely confused. Next time a person claims to be native american, ask them what tribe they are enrolled in. If they do not know what enrolled means, they are not native.

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Qiao election Earrings “optimization” face – earrings, jewelry, jewelry – Jewelry Industry

In Earring , Necklaces, Ring And other jewelry, only the earrings are the most beautify the face of the line. Wide variety of earrings, a thin chain, there is a round circle, with small nails, but also a long fall … … When you pick earrings dazzled world, be sure not only a personal hobby, forget their own conditions. We recommend, before buying earrings must take a look at your head and neck, face and neck because of the line is to choose a prerequisite for earrings.

Wear earrings as long as the master the basic rules, any defective face, can become perfect through the modification of earrings together. Those who have bland face, against the backdrop of the earrings will display the extraordinary demeanor and temperament. Face earrings with the highest principle, that is, earrings and face shape to avoid duplication, and do not and face the opposite extreme. Face is to choose the basis of earrings, earring on the face can play a balancing role, wearing inappropriate often backfire.

Fat Women Generally wear ear slightly larger buckle and earrings, or hanging style, brightly colored earrings is appropriate, because Shawl Made their own lines on the face of the profile and influence, and therefore, long hair or wearing earrings on less restrictive, but in general a more visible and have a certain amount of earrings as well.

Square face Square vertical face of the girl for wearing longer than the horizontal arch design earrings, help to increase the length of the face, easing the angle of the face, for example, oblong, crescent-shaped, new leaf, single-chip petal-shaped, so that their shadow pairs Li shining jewels in the cheek next to the moving light.

In order to avoid duplication of face, square face of the people is best not to wear earrings square, or triangular, pentagonal-shaped earrings and other sharp edges and corners.

Long face Girl can wear a long face shape such as round, square fan design earrings horizontal, they are rounded Founder Graceful arc characteristics, can skillfully as you increase the width of the face, reducing the length of the face; more appropriate to wear a long face who has a “circle effect” of earrings, like the traditional Pearl , Gem Earing Closely to buckle in the ear distributed personal charm.

Below the face on the tip

The tip below the face of the girl should be chosen “on the edge of the lower edge is less than” the earrings to balance the width of jaw, facial lines, create a soft effect. If wearing a pendant earrings, please pay special attention to the length of the pendant, it is best to avoid long or short end of the jaw, because the length of the end of the pendant where exactly is the focus of people’s eyes stop queue. In addition, the perspective is very clear earrings, such as triangle, hexagon should avoid wearing.

Round egg face Order to create a face to increase the length and width to reduce the visual effects, round eggs of girls face whip should be selected as rectangular-shaped, teardrop-shaped earrings and pendant, and the like, they make you plump in the face with soft lines just added with more dash handsome of gas.

Oval face More pointed chin, oval face, suitable for wear “on the edge of the lower edge is greater than” the earrings, as drop-shaped, gourd-shaped and not very sharp point of the triangle, etc., can increase the weight of his chin oval face beauty, so that Run straight face looks.

Diamond Face Is this face are the most appropriate matching earrings, than the “greater than the upper edge of the lower edge of” shape up, such as drop-shaped, chestnut-shaped and so on. And should avoid wearing as diamond, heart-shaped, inverted triangle, etc. pendant.

Oval face Oval face girl wearing leather for their face

Skin tone, face shape can be the size of earrings.

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Some look at face painting and piercings as pagan and hedonistic savages in tribal countries? But Christian?

Question by : Some look at face painting and piercings as pagan and hedonistic savages in tribal countries? But Christian?
Western women wear makeup and have ear piercings…and jewelry

I hardly wear any of these, but was just wondering if it was hypocritical to judge these people. Would God look at them differently outwardly?
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Answer by oli
God looks at your heart not outward appearance.

I have a grand daughter who loves tattoos. All over her body. It drives me nuts, and she is such a beautiful girl.

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