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What shall i wear when going out to dinner?

Question by Mrs♥Jonas: What shall i wear when going out to dinner?
Im going onm saturday evening and want to look nice but not to red carpet. So not to dressy. I want to look just right and stand out but not because im wearing a floor-length gown! lol
and i don’t own any classy dresses like that anyways plus im broke so no shopping! oh and its with my famiy.
Im 14 5″1 have tanned skin and shoulder length brown hair.
Oh and im very girly!

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Answer by scotty5521
you could either wear a nice pair of jeans & a shirt with like a belt? to dress it up more add a waist belt instead of the usual one that sits on your hips & some heels. Or you could wear a skirt (maybe with dark tights since its cold/winter now!) and a nice top? or boots of you have a nice leather pair!

Too make it more casual take out the tights/heels etc. or change your jewellery to like rustic gold/tribal instead of silver or gold ‘bling’. your hair can also change an outfit… for exampe lessu ruffled curls can make it more casual while a bun or wearing a hairband in a sleek style can make it more dressy.

You could also ask your mum/whoever else is going what they are wearing. It doesnt hurt to ask & at least then youll have a benchmark!

have a nice meaaal! 🙂

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what colours/trends are going to be in for autumn and winter?

Question by Cramp: what colours/trends are going to be in for autumn and winter?

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Answer by Tiffany Monique
Hi Im Tiffany a buyer for a virtual boutique and Id love to help you (please search & like Mz. Conversation Piece to get accessory tips and ask Mz. CP). The summer color pop trend will cool down as the seasons change…flesh tones, creams, beiges and cooler oranges and browns will be the trend. Get in touch with your inner romantic bc vintage gold/silvers, and pearls will be popular. 70’s and 80’s jewelry (collars, studs, door knockers, geometric shapes and cuffs etc), tribal pieces /etchings are coming back into fashion as well. Remember if you have any fashion questions LIKE OUR PAGE AT THE LINK BELOW

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What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?

Question by kiki: What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?
I met a girl w a line tattooed going down of her face on her right eye and she was native american from Seattle. People from her tribe also have it but I don’t know which tribe. And I haven’t seen her since then

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Answer by Salish
She was full of SH*T. Probably some new-age creep.

I am a native american from the Suquamish Tribe. Chief Seattle came from us. And there are no tribes in our area that have face tattoos.

There are less than two million REAL native americans in the world. As in, those belonging to in-tact native american communities.

There are roughly 200,000,000 (two hundred million) people who CLAIM to be native american or “descended” from native americans. The vast majority of them are wrong, and less than 4% of them even have any native american ancestry.

When there are more liars and wish-full thinkers than the actual thing, people become severely confused. Next time a person claims to be native american, ask them what tribe they are enrolled in. If they do not know what enrolled means, they are not native.

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Q&A: i am going on a vacation to charlotte north carlonia?

Question by snehakdesai: i am going on a vacation to charlotte north carlonia?
i am going on a vacation to charlotte, north carloina and i was wondering what should i pack and what should i wear that is in fashion for 16 year old teens. also, i was wondering what type of teen books should i read besides the twilight series and magazines. thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Karma of the Poodle
Where are you coming from. If you are coming from up north like NY, NJ, or any other major city area then just bring what you would use there for entertainment.
For clothing, you are going to want to wear what you may wear in Florida this season. The cooler and flouncier the better. Not too much frou frou but just enough in the original outfit that you have.
Bling is out, the more Gothic or Preppy Gothic is in down here. Also the Hollister/Pacific Sun/Ambercrombie/ even Gap is great for the predominantly white crowd.
For the Ethnic crowd I would mix and match labels and names as well as maybe add some Apple Bottom or Donna Karen/ DKNY with Nike’s and KSwiss. Minimal jewelry or more like tribal stuff that matches. It is hot and humid at the moment and will be for some time so be prepared. Also, we are getting a lot of rain off and on so be prepared for that too.
Enjoy our state.
I live in Gastonia. It is just West of Charlotte and that is what I see them wearing there.

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Going For The Actual Pandora Beads In Your Pendant

Building a pandora charms on sale bracelets by making utilization of Pandora beads is mostly a rather uncomplicated employment being end product of the inescapable fact it a particular point you are able to full yourself. Keep in opinions that Pandora diamonds is consistently handcrafted, so the men and women driving the jewellery performer makes it the effort to obtain it uncomplicated to suit your wants in building your very own Pandora jewelry.

But simply before you commence generating your own Pandora necklace, you tremendously very first ought to uncover a certified pandora charms dealer that’ll market you exactly what you simply will stipulate a Pandora bracelet bottom including Pandora beads. It is possible to work out every single Pandora bead that you just should really spot within your bracelet.

Right after you may have chosen the camp, the adhering to level to suit your will have to select is a clips that you just want in your pandora charms jewellery.

They are able to appear the specific similar or appear targeted it is all at least you. These clips truly ought remaining linked to make the elevated components of your Pandora diamond jewelry.

Picking the Pandora beads that you simply can be aiming to adorn your pendant with may just be the pursuing step. These charms seem in exact shapes, sizes, and styles, which mean you, might completely uncover some point that shows your qualities. Now, you let your resourcefulness carry out its game. Believe it or not, you’ll try from above 600 Pandora bead designs; jointly with all the assortment frequently grows. You can actually get some new anklet bracelets with precise Pandora beads anytime you want to.

To finish, you should then space your selected pandora charms on sale beads on your necklace. You will get to consider that purchase inside the charms, and you’ll even area them out evenly or unevenly. Pandora bracelet are entirely fantastic, to ensure the choices that you just have are continual.

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Going About Buying Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces

The gold pearl necklace is widely revered in the glamorous world of fashion by celebrities and the well to do of society. Golden pearls have further found beautiful applications in earrings and bracelets and many people are therefore after the best quality pearls in the market. Jewellery experts the world over have conceded that golden South Sea pearls are the best pearls in the world. This is because these pearls bear a fabulous brilliance quite unlike any other pearls globally. These fabulous pearls are cultivated in the deep seas off the Australian coast and are mainly available with either a white or golden outlook. By cultivation we mean the process by which pearls are produced by implanting beads in oysters.

So, what do we consider when buying gold pearl necklaces? The first point is the shine or lustre and essentially this is how much light the pearl reflects. The best golden pearl necklace gives a clear and sharp reflection. The lustre associated with golden South Sea pearls is dependent on the thickness of the coat that makes up the nacre. The very best golden pearls have a depth and opalescence that brings out a deep mirror finish and essentially a bright shine. Lustre makes all the difference in the cost of a pearl and thus when looking for a pearl necklace you should avoid the foggy and dull pearls and instead opt for those with a thick and rich lustre.

Secondly, the surface feel of the gold pearl necklace you intend to buy should be smooth all round the circumference. Expect to pay more for jewellery articles made from flawless golden pearls. These imperfections are generally unpreventable because golden South Sea pearls are a natural product and not industrially manufactured. Understandably, this is what makes imperfection-free pearls expensive. You should also consider the shade or colour of the pearls. You may want to know that a golden pearl can display overshades of yellow, silver and gold, and at the same time undershades of blue and even green. Having targeted golden pearl necklaces, insist on obtaining the deepest gold or white shades for your necklace’s pearls.

We want a fine looking gold pearl necklace and therefore the shape of the pearls should be the best available. The most desired shapes of pearls are round or perfect symmetrical spheres. Again pearls are a natural product hence odd shapes such as baroque, button, circle and semi round do occur. The perfect spheres are rare and thus they cost more; the baroque pearls are used to make everyday wear necklaces. Finally, consider the size of the pearls. The large golden South Sea pearls are rare and expensive hence the respective necklaces will bring out fabulous fashion statements. On the other hand, necklaces made with small golden pearls are just ideal for normal day to day wear.


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http://www.Mypacificpearls.com.au .


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