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What to wear for 8th grade?

Question by : What to wear for 8th grade?
I am a girls and I go to a junior high (7-9th grade) in utah to help out. I’m going into 8th grade which means i’m not a baby that everyone looks at to see what the new sevies are like but i’m not the awsome 9th graders either so i want to stand out. I already bought all the clothes but I want to know what looks cute together. my standards are no shoulders anything above the knees belly or lowcut. This is what I have so if you could match some stuff that would be awsome!
I have tons of tanktops to wear over shirts so I’m hoping for good color choices.
I have skinny, flare, and normal jeans.
Lots of flip flops lots of colors
T-shirts mostly and lots of colors a lot of varieties
1 converse and two Van type
Jean Shorts (variety)
Jean Capris (variety)

i am 5′ 3″ and i have medium long red hair.
I have pale skin except for i have super red cheeks that go from just above my eyes to the bottom of my lips and all the way back to the end of my face on both sides and a little between my eyes and on my chin.
My skin is a bit rough but its not that noticable thankfully
i have undetermined (of course they change blah i can never find an outfit that will match my eyes)
I hope you guys can help! I apriciate everything!

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Answer by Fashionista
look here for fashion trends

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8th grade grad. dress plz help!?

Question by <333: 8th grade grad. dress plz help!?
ok well 8th grade graduation is coming up and im a 14 year old girl looking for a dress for my graduation! i needs to be inexpensive i want more of a pretty sundress then a glitzy glamoury prom dress..something flowy or something but short!! links and sites please hellpppp!..hairstyle ideas would be nice to recomend to

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Answer by sunny.the.qt
forever 21 has nice dresses or try garage, aeropostale, wet seal, ect

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6th Grade really nervous what do i wear?

Question by Khloe Thomas: 6th Grade really nervous what do i wear?
I ♥ Justice and i shop at target i do like lip gloss and lip bomb sometimes so do you think you can help btw my school is k-8th ☻

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Answer by Secret Ninja
skinny jeans with a cute t-shirt or tank top

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