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Help with identifying this that I found of my grandmothers….(native american)?

Question by Amie: Help with identifying this that I found of my grandmothers….(native american)?
Hello, I am tracing my Native American ancestry on my moms side of the family. I have a rich cherokee and choctaw ancestry from my dads side of the family who are all from Oklahoma. But I have heard [unconfirmed] that my grandmother was Native as well. She passed years ago….She was born in Oneida New York. …Anyway, I was going through some of her jewelry and I found this…


I looked stuff up and found out about a turtle clan of Mohawk natives within the Iroquois confederacy.

Can anyone please help me to identify this?

Thanks 🙂
Also, it’s pretty big. It takes up the palm of my hand..

Best answer:

Answer by Kanien:kaha’ka-[]-[]-^-[]-[]
Its simply a necklace of a turtle. there is no single representation used for clans. having this doesn’t mean your grandmother was native since anyone can purchase this and others like it. turtle clan is in all of the Iroquois nations as well.

the ONLY way to know if your grandmother was native is to find her name on the tribal rolls. if she was not enrolled, she wasn’t native. The same goes for all native nations. ALL natives are/were enrolled in one Nation or another.

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Style/fashion icon ideas, help?

Question by Someone: Style/fashion icon ideas, help?
I’ve described the style of each girl, so please pick some style icons for the characters in my story (most are into fashion):

Vinessa: casual, expensive, island girl (sandals, flowers in hair, tanks)

Gwen: geek chic, classic, whimsical, fun

Sophia: ethereal, bohemian, faded colors

Angel: punk, romantic, rocker

Spencer: feminine, tribal, floral, exotic jewelry

Carolyn: floral, girly, romantic, preppy, vintage

Cass: futuristic, 60s, 80s, experimental, modest

Tess; girly, retro, 50s, modest, whimsical, anti-trend

Ivy: youthful, bright colors, fun, practical, mixed patterns

Ruby: classic, ladylike, feminine, understated, girly colors

thanks a lot!

Best answer:

Answer by ilovepie
I think Ruby sounds like Ariana Grande. I have no idea if that helps or not…

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Question by Jennifer: HELP ME FIND THIS OUTFIT?
Please, Help me find this outfit..
AND cute shoes to go with it? <3333 please and thankyou. http://musicxlove45.tumblr.com/post/49391779507 Best answer:

Answer by ~glen~
As close as I could get on a budget:


Or these:

Or these:

Or these: (Which I really like)

With this T:

With this necklace:

And these shoes:

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HALLOWEEN accessory, help???

Question by Rae: HALLOWEEN accessory, help???
ok i wanna be a greek goddess for halloween with this costume

but i dont think anyone will get it sooo does anyone have any good ideas to accesorize it in aay that will make it look really good and help ppl get it

Best answer:

Answer by Kathy W
Please replace the link it doesn’t work.

Edit: Cute outfit, I think you should do your hair like that too.

Try this site:
You can go to your nearest stores and try to find something like that.

You should get an anklet too! Maybe like a blue beads or something.
I think you should get jewelry that has weird colors since your outfit is white, you shouldn’t get colorful jewelry. Maybe like jade or purple.

Here are some things I would wear along with an outfit like that:
-Big jade necklace
-A silver bracelet with weird things on it.
-Anklet (I think jade will be fine)
-Maybe jade earrings or silver.
Sorry if my style sucks, not much of a big fashion person.

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Help me with my ears!!! please?! gauges.?

Question by Bec: Help me with my ears!!! please?! gauges.?
so i lost one of my size 6 plugs. so im wearing the size 6 pinchers. and my mom does not like them so she gave me my present early. which was size 6 saddle plugs. and i had saddle plugs before but the outer part on these are bigger. and i have been trying for a really long time to get them in! help meeee. i put like soap and stuff like that on them to go thru, which i always do but they just wont go thru. they are too big and flat. i dunno what to do.. what do you think? like could i go to a piercer and they could help me? i have no idea…

Best answer:

Answer by Mannequin
You have to get a size smaller in saddle plugs. They don’t fit if you get the same size as your ears are stretched to. The middle of them is the part that’s 6g, not the outside.

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2011-2012 fashion help!!!?

Question by hco confused: 2011-2012 fashion help!!!?
ok so i am going into 7th grade i want to know some of the trends and wats “in” please don’t answer just be yourself i need to now about shoes,tops, jewelry,hair, and bottoms btw are Uggs still in? THANK YOU! plus if you can can you name some affordable stores to shop at

Best answer:

Answer by Rachel Stone
Shoes – UGGs are cute a lot of people still love them, Sperry’s, flats, sandals, converse
Clothes – Rue 21, Body Central, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Bealls, Target, Outlet Stores, JC Penny, blah blah blah
Jewelry – Charlotte Russe and antique stores
Hair – youtube, braides, curled, straight, blah blah blah
good luck! 🙂 and have a good year! 🙂

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8th grade grad. dress plz help!?

Question by <333: 8th grade grad. dress plz help!?
ok well 8th grade graduation is coming up and im a 14 year old girl looking for a dress for my graduation! i needs to be inexpensive i want more of a pretty sundress then a glitzy glamoury prom dress..something flowy or something but short!! links and sites please hellpppp!..hairstyle ideas would be nice to recomend to

Best answer:

Answer by sunny.the.qt
forever 21 has nice dresses or try garage, aeropostale, wet seal, ect

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Please help i need a answer asap?

Question by Joe W: Please help i need a answer asap?
Ok I know this is dumb but can yall help me here please ok what shoes and accessories should i wear with my work uniform tomorrow

my uniform

red polo shirt

1. kakahi shorts
2. cargo pants

accessories i would like to wear at least 3-5 things

1. Beaded metal necklace
2. A/e Cross necklace
3. Herringbone Chain
4. Leather Bracelet
5. White Rubber Bracelet
6. yellow Bracelet
7. Timex Red/Black watch
8. Toe Ring
9. figaro chain
10. fake dice earrings
11. industrial necklace
12. tribal necklace

Shoes I wanna wear w/o socks too

1.grey nike darts
2. vans bearcats
3. a/e Retro jogger
4. Nike Shox
5. regular vans

also how should i wear my hair tomorrow please help

1. small pony tail
2. spiked
3. small rat tail

Best answer:

Answer by magz
i think that wearing nothing to work would bring attention to you


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Earring gauge material? Help?

Question by Lamia: Earring gauge material? Help?
I just bought these beautiful new tribal gauges – size 6. I can’t figure out what they’re made out of though, and I’d like to know if I can shower with them in. They’re definitely not metal, and the person I bought them from said they weren’t plastic. I’ve have ones made from bone, but this feels like a slightly different material. Are their any other materials they’re made out of? And do you think it’d be okay to shower with them in, or do you think they’d splinter?

Best answer:

Answer by Lava
Are they white or another color, and where did you get them? Got pics? Bone may have slightly different textures, while horn is much lighter but feels similar. The only way I can think of to tell is to burn them, maybe heat a needle and stick it into the jewelry and see what it smells like. Of course you probably don’t want to, but it would let you know right away if they’re plastic.

But why wouldn’t you be taking it out to shower in? I don’t leave jewelry in when I bathe, and if it’s a new stretch you wouldn’t be wearing a material you couldn’t name….

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i need help with how to gage my ears

Question by aubs: i need help with how to gage my ears
i am interested in getting my ears gaged but haven’t the slightest clue on if i gage them myself how long it takes do i start with a regular ear piercing or what

so thanks in advance for your help

Best answer:

Answer by nati24kheart
I recommend you to go to tattoo shop and get your ears streched, you can start with a small gauge, maybe a 6 or 4 (like 5mm), then you can do it by yourself by constantly changing the jewelry one size at the time. Something very important!!! Do not try strecth your ears with a silicon plug! and try to not get a dermal punch done (cutting a piece of your ear)


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