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Q&A: Summer look.?.?

Question by *~Brutally honest~*: Summer look.?.?
can anyone send me somw pictures of what will be in style this summer, nothing super expensive plz!

Send ur ideas 2 me @


Something sporty I am into synchronized swiming and I will be working as an Assistant Lifeguard. I am only 14 so something decent.


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Answer by Annie
This spring/summer is all about:
Black and White
Vibrant Snakeskin
Neutral leather
Graphic Jewelry
Ombre (Getting darker at bottom or top, getting ligthter as moving horizontally)
Art prints
Pastel eyeshadow
Satin Skin
Coral lips
Neutral nails
Tousled hair
Loose Ponytails and Pigtails
Disco Glam
Color Block
Full dresses and skirts
Awesome shoes& accessories
Fun bags

As a lifeguard, I would just get a pair of board shorts from Target or Wal-Mart, (you can buy boys ones that look cute) because they’re decent and cute. Then pair them with a top (any kind you want). They are decent and cute. I don’t know if you want something a little more flexible or something, but I suggest getting shorter board shorts in that case, you can find some cute Roxy ones for like $ 5.00 at TJ Max. (I went there Thrusday).

Good luck and have fun!

Sorry I didn’t send pics.

Oh they have swimshorts at www.aeropostale.com or www.pacsun.com

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Jazz up a plain outfit with a touch of tribal chic using FIMO clay. Made by layering different colours and cutting them into sections, fab high street worthy…

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How can I make this tank top look cute but more of a beach girl look ? ?

Question by Mz.So Delierious: How can I make this tank top look cute but more of a beach girl look ? ?
I have this tribal print tank top and I was wearing it tomorrow to school. And I was wearing it with My Levi’s Denim Jacket, my Bullhead Black Black Skinny Jeans, and my Black and White Plaid Chuck Taylors and my White Tribal Print Purse. I want to make this look cute and at the same time beach surfer girl look. How can I do this ?

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Answer by BG
white cardigan, brown belt, curly hair.
hope i helped lol. not very descriptive however i though anything would help

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Q&A: I used to have my ears gauged and now i want them to look normal help???!!!?

Question by lola: I used to have my ears gauged and now i want them to look normal help???!!!?
I used to have my ears gauge to about half an inch and i let them close about a year ago and now their at like hmm to a 6 gauge and i want them to get smaller. Is there anything i can do to get them any smaller?? please help?

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Answer by Becka
I wouldn’t have thought so, that’s the problem with gauging, it’s prettymuch permenant!

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What kind of jewelry would look good with this dress?

Question by aeidensmommy: What kind of jewelry would look good with this dress?

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Answer by Veeceebee
Something quite tribal-ish…











Hope that helped 🙂

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what is instyle this summer? what would look good for like south florida?

Question by randompersonrox: what is instyle this summer? what would look good for like south florida?
i was wondering what would look good because i have no idea what would… im good with make-up not style…..

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Answer by mauiwowi
try some high-waisted skirts and simple shirts to tuck in with some gladiator shoes. or sundresses with bangles and sunglasses. or some blue jean shorts with layered tanks to go with it.

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How to look amazing and stylish with a very small budget?

Question by Emz: How to look amazing and stylish with a very small budget?
I have 40 quid, and need to reacreate my look.

Any ideas?? I really like that kind of off duty model look (kinda grungy but still femine and beautiful).

I’m UK so i need shops from there, and it summer (almost so a summer look would be best:)

Links to websites would be great thanks:)


Best answer:

Answer by Fiyza
For the budget you have mentioned I would recommend:
New Look has a really large selection of summery clothes/shoes/accessories. On their website they have categorised each summer trend. Here are some key summer trends that you may like:
This trend is really girly but you can mix and match items if you don’t want a ‘full on’ floral look (but this trend is really good for summer)
For shoes, flat sandals are in fashion:
http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/shoes/metallic-tubed-sandal_188974379 (these sandals will go with summery dresses, skirts etc – it comes in white too and it’s a bargain compared to most sandals on the high street!). However, I would also recommend Primark for sandals, their prices are amazing! Primark also has a huge selection of summery clothing and at very affordable prices too!
Some accessories from New Look:
The gold chandelier type earrings are a good look for summer, they go with almost everything – from dresses to jeans and vest tops.
Pick a good pair of sunglasses that go with everything, such as:
but you can find similar ones in Primark.
River Island/Topshop have really nice summery clothes but you would only be able to pick a few items that will match your budget. Check out their websites. http://xml.riverisland.com/flash/content.php
But Primark and New Look would be most advisable, very affordable and fashionable!
Here’s the New Look clothing sale page:
Hope I’ve helped!

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Rainstick Necklaces; Contemporary Tribal Style Jewelry By Giftbearer

Necklaces from my Rainstick line; Go to: http://Giftbearer.etsy.com One of a kind intricately beadwoven around a tube with little objects inside giving each …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Innovative Tribal Designs To Look Into

Let me start by asking what your favorite design is?

There are literally thousands upon thousands of tattoo designs in the world today and some can be extremely beautiful and popular. Designs range from crosses to scary designs to flowers to butterflies to signs and symbols and a lot more.

However in the midst of all that, there are also tribal designs and people just love them. Their popularity is quite huge.

You might be wondering what sets them apart from the other ones and some reasons come to mind:

They are quite innovative
They are unique and their primary colour is black which I love
They have different unique meanings, which can be a great thing as you can choose a subject that is very close to your heart.

Some of these work of arts can be quite big but I love that you can put it anywhere on your body. I prefer smaller tattoos that get finished in a couple of hours tops, because I hate sitting and I would hate going back the next day to get it finished.

There are lots of designs to choose from which is great, but then again you can also have one custom made according to your liking and personality, but be prepared for whoever is designing it for you to lose a couple of hours.

Remember that even though they may be designing it because you have no clue how to create your own, your input is what is going to make it your own. Put in all the detail that you want, that way it will really feel like your very own.

If you have the opportunity to have your design custom made, I can honestly say that it is very special. I wanted one done just for me, so that it could accommodate my eccentricities and accommodate the person I am, but it was too expensive and I just did not have the money to follow through with it.

If you have a budget for it, you should definitely go for it.

Get yourself something unique, something that you only are going to have it. As long as you love it and it reflects who you are, you will have made the right decision.

 If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, start by looking around for some tattoo shops in Johannesburg.

Start looking around to get the best tattoo artist in Johannesburg for your tattoo.

For articles like these about tattoos or whatever your topic is, visit http://www.seoservicesjohannesburg.info

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Question for professional tattoo artists: can an arm bracelet be inked to look like real jewelry (golden)?

Question by tigertattoo: Question for professional tattoo artists: can an arm bracelet be inked to look like real jewelry (golden)?
I just finished my back and would like an arm bracelet. I wanted a really delicate egyptian design with a tiger’s eye stone that looks like beaten gold or bronze. The artist that started my back said she could do it but passed away years ago and the artist that finished my back is awesome but told me the “golden look” would turn brown over time and no longer look like jewelry due to my skin tone when I tan even though I cover all my tats with 50 block sun screen.I don’t want black because it would look tribal. I know there is no gold ink but is there a technique that would hold the hue?

Best answer:

Answer by Kita Kazoo
I think your artist either doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to do it, because it is a hard tattoo style to work in. I suggest you shop around until you find someone who is positive and trust worthy. Maybe you’ll have to travel to get it, but since it will last you a life time it would be worth the extra expense.

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The Beaded Lanyard: One More Way to Look Fashionable at Work

In any workplace, it is important to make the effort to project a professional image. Clients, colleagues and superiors make snap judgments about people they meet based solely on appearance. In fact, we all do this. Therefore, because you never know who you are going to meet, dressing for success is a standard that could really be met any time you leave the house.

Along with other easy methods to improve professional image, the beaded lanyard has become one of the easiest ways to add polish to your work attire. Lanyards provide a chic and convenient badge holder for professionals. However, these handy items are not reserved only for employee identification. Many people can be spotted wearing a beaded lanyard holding keys, flash drives, or other lightweight devices such as an iPod.

In the past, one may have worn a plastic badge holder clipped onto their clothing.

In that sense, everyone working in the professional world looked the same. Through advances in fashionable accessories, the beaded lanyard has come “into its’ own” as an improved method of displaying necessary identification in the workplace. No longer is the only option the clear plastic case on a clip. Now, everyone has a wide array of lanyards to choose from. Lanyards can now be customized to suit any individual personality. Since employee identification is required by most companies, it is nice to know you can easily accessorize with a beaded lanyard or other decorative badge holder.

Wearing a lanyard to work is the completely stylish way to display identification and enhance your professional image at the same time. No matter what your role in the company or where you work, finding accessories that bring convenience while also helping you look and feel great is a real treat.

Furthermore, no matter what your role or where you work, the way you dress makes a bold statement about who you are as well as the way you view yourself.

Ask any person in charge of hiring new employees and you will hear that first impressions are still very important in the business world. First impressions are largely based on how you present yourself to the world. Putting your best foot forward is important; and fortunately it does not require expensive clothing and accessories. What is most important in presenting yourself professionally is that your clothing is conservative and fitting for the workplace. Clothing should be well-maintained and well-fitted. While trends are tempting, it is best to create a work wardrobe consisting of classic pieces so you can avoid having to replace clothing as trends change.

Choosing to dress for success at work and also in your free time pays off in that you always feel good about how you look. When you like how you look, you carry yourself with more confidence. Does the beaded lanyard make all the difference in the world when you are carrying a badge holder in the workplace? For many, it could definitely be THE piece that compliments professional attire perfectly to enhance image.

For more tips and information about beaded lanyard please visit: Badge holder

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Some look at face painting and piercings as pagan and hedonistic savages in tribal countries? But Christian?

Question by : Some look at face painting and piercings as pagan and hedonistic savages in tribal countries? But Christian?
Western women wear makeup and have ear piercings…and jewelry

I hardly wear any of these, but was just wondering if it was hypocritical to judge these people. Would God look at them differently outwardly?
Raised UPC

Best answer:

Answer by oli
God looks at your heart not outward appearance.

I have a grand daughter who loves tattoos. All over her body. It drives me nuts, and she is such a beautiful girl.

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