Q&A: Is it offensive to native americans if I wear feathers and have a dreamcatcher?

Question by T: Is it offensive to native americans if I wear feathers and have a dreamcatcher?
I think that Native American art and jewelry is beautiful! I love turquoise and feathers and the headdresses (but I wouldn’t wear one) and I saw this lady online (she wasn’t native american) and she wrote this essay thing on how disrespectful it is for people to wear feathers in their hair and wear moccasins if they arent indian..

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Answer by Haruka T
It may be (slightly) offensive to some.

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Is wearing Rosary beads as jewelry OFFENSIVE?

Question by aloha_bitches: Is wearing Rosary beads as jewelry OFFENSIVE?
well, I am NOT affliated with any Christian denominations but my ideas closely represent a Unitartian Universalist Christianity.

I love rosaries because they’re are beautiful and I am proud of the history of them. I wondering because a lot of people wear symbolic items as jewelry….

The usage of Chinese kanji as tattoos, The Celtis knots jewelry, Native American Dreamweavers, Hindu gods, Polynesian tribal iconography, African American music, Jesus air fresheners, Cornrows, and fake African art.

Since a lot of symbolic items are used as aesthetics, would it be wrong to wear a rosary as one?

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Answer by flamespeak
If anyone gives you crap about wearing one, tell them you are a shinto. Shintos were wearing rosaries long before Catholics were.


I know the difference, but the average person doesn’t. The size is different, the purpose is different. Most rosaries feature a cross on each individual bead. I merely telling her a cop-out if people give her crap about it. I wonder if the same people chastise others for wearing platinum and gold crosses whenever Jesus was pretty much against people doing such things?

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