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What shall i wear when going out to dinner?

Question by Mrs♥Jonas: What shall i wear when going out to dinner?
Im going onm saturday evening and want to look nice but not to red carpet. So not to dressy. I want to look just right and stand out but not because im wearing a floor-length gown! lol
and i don’t own any classy dresses like that anyways plus im broke so no shopping! oh and its with my famiy.
Im 14 5″1 have tanned skin and shoulder length brown hair.
Oh and im very girly!

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Answer by scotty5521
you could either wear a nice pair of jeans & a shirt with like a belt? to dress it up more add a waist belt instead of the usual one that sits on your hips & some heels. Or you could wear a skirt (maybe with dark tights since its cold/winter now!) and a nice top? or boots of you have a nice leather pair!

Too make it more casual take out the tights/heels etc. or change your jewellery to like rustic gold/tribal instead of silver or gold ‘bling’. your hair can also change an outfit… for exampe lessu ruffled curls can make it more casual while a bun or wearing a hairband in a sleek style can make it more dressy.

You could also ask your mum/whoever else is going what they are wearing. It doesnt hurt to ask & at least then youll have a benchmark!

have a nice meaaal! 🙂

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