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What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?

Question by kiki: What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?
I met a girl w a line tattooed going down of her face on her right eye and she was native american from Seattle. People from her tribe also have it but I don’t know which tribe. And I haven’t seen her since then

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Answer by Salish
She was full of SH*T. Probably some new-age creep.

I am a native american from the Suquamish Tribe. Chief Seattle came from us. And there are no tribes in our area that have face tattoos.

There are less than two million REAL native americans in the world. As in, those belonging to in-tact native american communities.

There are roughly 200,000,000 (two hundred million) people who CLAIM to be native american or “descended” from native americans. The vast majority of them are wrong, and less than 4% of them even have any native american ancestry.

When there are more liars and wish-full thinkers than the actual thing, people become severely confused. Next time a person claims to be native american, ask them what tribe they are enrolled in. If they do not know what enrolled means, they are not native.

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Why do young black males go to such lengths to display their masculinity and materialism? What are they hiding

Question by IlI: Why do young black males go to such lengths to display their masculinity and materialism? What are they hiding

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Answer by quovazi
Don’t be racist. its young Males in general.
Girls like bad boys

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Tribal @ Hard Rock West Hollywood

A mix of Tribal’s performance at the Hard Rock West Hollywood on May 5, 2006 celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

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Q&A: Many native American tribes run casinos now. Was gambling part of their culture(s) before white men arrived?

Question by Terry Banto: Many native American tribes run casinos now. Was gambling part of their culture(s) before white men arrived?
Allowing native Americans to run casinos is an indirect way to allow them to collect reparations, right? For all the mistreatment their ancestors had to endure, and the destruction of their way of life on the North American continent, by the white people? Is there possibly a better way to pay reparations? Or did native Americans always approve of gambling (with furs, jewelry, land, women….whatever) before Europeans suddenly turned their world upside down in the 17th century?

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Answer by e w
Tobacco and marijuana was.

Running water, electricity, alcoholic beverages, venereal diseases, were not part of their culture, either.

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Crafty Ladies Make Their Own Beaded Jewellery

A lot of young women are into knitting these days – but let’s face it – a sweater isn’t the most thrilling thing to show off to your friends. And frankly, who has the patience? But how about spending two hours of your craftilicious time and having a striking piece of beaded jewellery to style? Now that’s more bling for your homemade buck!

The great thing about this project – as with all DIY projects – is that you can make absolutely whatever type of piece you like. Have a penchant for a purple pendant? You can make that. Got a thing for a jeweled ring? You can make that, too. And whatever beaded jewellery you make will not only meet your exact specifications, but it will be unique in the world. You’ll never walk into a party and find another woman wearing the same earrings.

Start with buying some jewellery making supplies.

You can pick up wooden beads, glass beads, or other types of beads – whatever works for your project. Before you buy your jewellery making supplies, be sure to plan out your beaded jewellery making idea. Do you want a long necklace? A short pair of earrings?  Most projects require filler beads, accent beads, thread or wire, and clasps or hooks of some sort. The type of jewellery beads you purchase will also determine the style of your piece. Wooden beads will give it an earthy or tribal feel.

Glass beads will have a more delicate, sparkly sensibility. Of course, there are many varieties of both wooden beads and glass beads – so take a look at what’s available at your local and/or online retailers.

Not sure where to get started? How about with some crafty vocab about jewellery making supplies?

Filler Beads – These are beads that you buy lots of which serve as a background or to “fill in” the bulk of your beaded jewellery.

For instance, in the movie Avatar, the Pandora styled beads used as filler beads were same-sized blue and green beads.

Accent Beads – These beads are special, eye-catching pieces which should draw the eye. They are the showpieces – the part people will remember. In the Pandora styled beads of the Na’vi people, large globular beads or orange feathers were the accents.

String – You probably know what string is, but did you know how many different types you can buy for making beaded jewellery? String comes in tough plastic and stretchy elastic varieties. Many retailers offer string in bright colours like red or pink that can be an integral part of your design. By stringing your beads more loosely on your jewellery, you can allow parts of the wire to show. You can also place knots along the string, to hold the beads tightly in place on your jewellery, while leaving parts of the coloured string open. The string on the Pandora styled bead jewellery was not visible, as it was covered by tightly packed filler beads.

Wire – If you are making a piece of beaded jewellery that you want to hold a stiff shape, then you should string your wooden beads or glass beads along a wire. Clasp – The part that ties two ends of your beaded jewellery together. These come in at least a dozen different varieties including Hook & Eye, S-Hook, Springring, Bead, Button, and Filigree. Make sure you pick a clasp for your beaded jewellery that is appropriate for how you are going to use it. A clasp that requires two hands to fasten is a poor choice for a glass bead.

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Beading Takes Jewelers Back to Their Roots

For most jewelry designers, jewelry is a lifelong passion. This passion usually starts with beading as a child. Beading is an awesome creative process.  It is relatively simple, compared to other jewelry design, but can still result in some fantastic jewelry pieces. If a jewelry designer is looking to get back to their roots, beading is a wonderful place to start. For example, beading lends itself to earring and necklace design. Crafting beautiful matching sets of earrings and necklaces is a great way for designer to make exciting jewelry designs.

To create beautiful beading necklaces and earrings, start by finding the best jewelry supplier. Once you have found a jewelry supplies provider, with a wide selection of wholesale beads, you are almost ready. Order jewelry wire and a wide assortment of beads, to leave all creative options open. The jewelry wire will provide the starting point for your beautiful beading necklace creations. Then it is time to get creative. The best thing about jewelry is artistic freedom. The best jewelry designers take chances. A wide selection of wholesale beads opens up a world of beading fashion styles. Once the designer creates a beading necklace, that necklace will go on to make someone very happy. It’s a beautiful process.

Once a beading designer is pleased with their beading necklace, it is time to turn their attention towards beading earrings.  Beading earrings are easily assembled and can return some significant profits, for jewelry designers. There is an old saying, “A woman can never have enough earrings” Like most old sayings, it was created, because it’s true. Women do indeed love their earrings. They are always looking for unique styles, and the beading process is a great opportunity to create unique earrings.  When you work with a quality jewelry supplies supplier make sure they provide proper jewelry making equipment. Designers will need the proper jewelry wire cutters to get this job done.  Head or eye pins, jump rings, and charms in some cases, can all be utilized in the beading earring process. Staying well stocked will ensure you have all the creative freedom, you desire.  Match the style of your necklace, to the beaded earrings and you have a beautiful jewelry combination.

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