what are the best belly dancing costumes to wear?

Question by HLL: what are the best belly dancing costumes to wear?

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Answer by Eng
oooo, i like u
haha just kidding
how about a nice lace thong and bra
that matches

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9 thoughts on “what are the best belly dancing costumes to wear?”

  1. It depends on quite a few factors. First you should determine what style of dance/dress you like best. There’s cabaret styles which consits of either a two piece, bra and belt set or long dresses with cutouts. In cabaret styles these are generally heavily decorated and may be covered in beads, sequins, pearls, gems, etc… (pretty much anything that sparkles). This style is most popular worldwide on the professional performance market but it’s also generally the most expensive. A full costume generally cost anywhere from $ 150 – $ 3,000 depending on quality, designer, and the intracacy of the design. There’s also Tribal Style whch is mostly popular in the US but is gaining poularity world wide. This style is often seen at renaissance festivals and goddess/earth events. This style usually consists of a choli-like top and full circle skirt with a belt and often a turban. These costumes can be among the cheapest depending on how much decoration you like and what fabrics are used. Sewing your own can cost about $ 50 for something simple and can creep into the $ 1000 range if you buy premade heavily decorated stuff. Tibal belts and shirts tend to be decorated with mirrors, embroidery, bright natural fabrics, inidan fabrics, and jewelry/findings from various Middle Eastern and Indian type backgrounds the jewelry they commonly wear is often reffered to as Kuchi. Tribal style tends to favor black and other darker colors and then uses their accent peices (belts, and decorations on belt/bra) to add color. They may also wear accent dskirts over their full skirt which may be quite colorful. Tribal style dancers often draw facial tattoos on their face usually under the eye and on the chin. This style is good for those who like a more earthy style of dance and is often prefered by dancers who have tatoos because tribal style tends to show of tatoos with pride where cabaret and other styles tend to try and hide them for performance purposes. Another style is the folklorick style which usually is a long dress and hip wrap or a long flowing dress. A beladi dress wirth beaded hip wrap is common and a khaleegi dress or thobe al-nashr (thobe for short) may also be used here. Dresses may have sparklies or be plain depending on what you go with. This also can be cheaper if you make your own a plain one would cost about $ 60 after an average beaded hip wrap is purchased. It could cost a couple hundred if you bought a more heavily decorated one. Then there’s the historical style which would ofet consist of an undershirt, harem pants/salwar, a plain cloth hipwrap, and a ghawazee coat/yelek. This style is often used by historical re-inactors at renaisance festivals and occasionally for theater productions which are showing historical interpretation of bellydance. Depending on fabrics and decoration these could be fairly cheap to make or they could be quite expensive if you used silks for example. These items can sometimes be found to purchase but are quite expensive then. There are other smaller subsets and mixtures of these styles but these four are the main ones. Your choice should reflect the following factors:
    1. Whether this is a one time thing or a long term commitment to a dance hobby. This determines how much you should be willing to spend. One time equals very little money, long time equals expensive outfit.
    2. How much you can afford to spend
    3. I you can sew or know someone who can sew
    4. What style of dance/costume you prefer.
    If you can sew there are a number of patterns available from MadamX and Atira Fashions (I can’t remember but I think that’s the name). These patterns are made by bellydancers for bellydancers and come in a variety of styles with suggestions for fabrics and decorations. Other wise you can check e-bay for bellydance costumes and will find a variety of costumes and styles. If you want to buy new you can buy online from vendors such as Dahlal International or many others available online.

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