What is the origin of dangle earrings?

Question by David: What is the origin of dangle earrings?

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Answer by Linda S
Impossible to know for sure. Humans have been wearing earrings for tens of thousands of years. Beaded adornments including earrings and beaded neck-pieces predate the wheel and clothing. People have been wearing jewelry before they wore anything else as a way to denote social status in primitive tribal societies. Dangling earrings appear very early in ancient civilizations, the Sumerians wore them right from the earliest times -only they were most worn by men such as kings, nobility and priests. And civilization that had armies and kings had jewelry of all types. Egyptians made elaborate dangling earrings for men and women and many examples can be found in museums around the world. jewelry of all type has been worn by all walks of life and both men and women since the dawn of time so it’s impossible to clearly state an origin based on history, not when they predate recorded history.

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