What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?

Question by kiki: What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?
I met a girl w a line tattooed going down of her face on her right eye and she was native american from Seattle. People from her tribe also have it but I don’t know which tribe. And I haven’t seen her since then

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Answer by Salish
She was full of SH*T. Probably some new-age creep.

I am a native american from the Suquamish Tribe. Chief Seattle came from us. And there are no tribes in our area that have face tattoos.

There are less than two million REAL native americans in the world. As in, those belonging to in-tact native american communities.

There are roughly 200,000,000 (two hundred million) people who CLAIM to be native american or “descended” from native americans. The vast majority of them are wrong, and less than 4% of them even have any native american ancestry.

When there are more liars and wish-full thinkers than the actual thing, people become severely confused. Next time a person claims to be native american, ask them what tribe they are enrolled in. If they do not know what enrolled means, they are not native.

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One thought on “What native american tribe has a line going down their face in Seattle Washington?”

  1. You just got the most direct and “real deal” answer from Salish. But, let me just give you some further context:

    There are no tribal people in Seattle area that have linear facial tattoos running down the side of their face. None.

    The only people you’ll see on a regular basis that have facial tattoos are the neo-hippie-anarcho punks that travel the circuit along the west coast, following festivals and protests, or going to school in liberal enclaves (from SoCal, to San Fran, to Arcata, to Eugene, to Portland, to Olympia, to Seattle, to Bellingham). You’ll see them hanging out and busking, selling handmade jewelry and sometimes begging for money in the warmer months. Their uniform is the torn and re-sewn Carhartts with the black, grey or dingy orange-brown color scheme. They’ll have a bunch of mixed-pit breed dogs with them. They frequently tattoo linear designs on their faces, in sort of blueish ink. There are also the people that are somewhat associated with that new-hippie scene or are a bit more new-agey that also get tattoos and say they are “tribal.” They are normally baristas or bartenders and frequently they sport dreads to go with their face tats.

    I have never once seen a Native person from the NW with any face tattoo and it would certainly not be traditional.

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