what outfit for first day of school?? (:?

Question by Sofia: what outfit for first day of school?? (:?
Outfit 1 :
Peach color Tribal print shirt , peach skinny jeans , with white converse or brown Little booties (:
WHAT TYPE OF JEWLERY should i wear for the first outfit???? (:
Outfit 2: black Owl shirt ,skinny jeans , whit converse or sandals
What peace of jewelry for outfit 2???…
Outfit 3: girls black v-neck with a white or black cami, white jeans, cheetah look a like Tom’s and a Cheetahs bow with my hair straight

Best answer:

Answer by Chris
Outfit two!
And you should wear it with a necklace
And 1-2 braclets,

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2 thoughts on “what outfit for first day of school?? (:?”

  1. I like the second outfit!
    For jewelry, I would wear a cute bracelet and stud earings! A simple, trendy outfit…not overdoing it… Perfect!!! 🙂
    I wouldn’t add a necklace though because the shirt already has a picture on it…plain shirts, like for example the v-neck you were saying in outfit number 3, would look nice with any cute necklace…long necklaces or short! A gold necklace or a hot pop out attractive color!
    Best of luck!
    I’m sure you;l look good in any of these outfits! I just told you my opinion cause you asked! 🙂

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