What outfits should I buy at forever 21?

Question by musiclover5: What outfits should I buy at forever 21?
I’m a 17 year old girl who is about to enter her senior year in high school, and this year I’m going for a change and I want to embrace my “girly” side with being a bit more adventurous with my fashion choice. I usually just wear a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt but with this last chance shopping trip I’m hoping to grab life by the horns, but my only problem is I’ve been on the outside of fashion for too long! What items should I look for while I’m out and about tomorrow and what accessories should I also get? Any input is appreciated thanks (:

also: I have red hair, pale complexion, 5’5″, and average size (a bit on the thinner size of average)

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Answer by I love GUMMY BEARS.
well you still can get jeans, but one that show your shape get cute blouses and since your going to forever21 which i love, normally what i do before i go shopping there i would look on there website and see what they have and then i would keep a mental note of what i’m looking for.

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  1. The look that’s going around right now is the “romantic” look, featuring lace, cream, and floral colors. Forever 21 has some really cute romantic dresses that would look cute with some little flats/High heels. I absolutely love Forever 21 they have a TON of clothes and for the most part are really affordable, what i like to do is go to a room and get anything that i like and after i am done looking in the room i go try all the clothes on, that way i can choose what shirts i like and pick pants or the other way around. Also i like there pencil skirts, jackets, anything for fall would be good. Accessories, they have really cute rings and necklaces that can go with almost anything, try to get some silver rings, necklaces, earrings, and a few gold things too, that way they go with almost any outfit you choose! i hope this helped and good luck tomorrow!! 🙂

  2. denim shorts! get dark wash, light wash, some tribal ones, white ones, different cool printed ones, !
    CROP TOPS. omg get any crop tops. tribal ones, neon ones, plain colored ones, patterned ones, indie ones. crop tops go with everything & make the outfit 10x cuter & comfier! get a flowy one tho not like a tight one.
    simple colored camis;. theyre like 2.50. & they look good w/ yogas or under a shirt or whatever. so cheap and a good second choice for whatever
    jeans! def jeans. i dont like wearin em personally but i like how they look & you already said you wear em?
    knit tops!
    floral tops!
    high waisted shorts! [mostly denim, but theres others!]
    flowy tank tops
    lace shirts! i personally love shirts where the back is lace or a part of the back is lace. soo adorable.
    some mid sleeved shirts. there are a bunch of different ones, justt so when its chilllly, yakno?
    sandals! they have adorable sandals. i got these really cute cheetah ones for 10$ but they did NOT last whole summer): w/e they go w/ everything!
    dont get there makeup. its crap.
    jewelry! um id get get a bunch of necklaces & earrings! there rings are not good quality, make your finger green & run in big sizes. i lie dangly necklaces, ones that hang low and make the whole outfit seem so much cuter. i love elephant necklaces, so cute! they have a bunch of different kinds, just pick whichever you like best! & earrings, obv get normal diamond studs and stuffffff. i also like getting their heart studs & they have ALOT of adorable dangly ones!
    remember, f21 is amazing but only if youre in there for a long time. it takes awhile…you have to really look thru EVERYTHING…sometimes you find abuncha amazing things, others its hard to find!
    hoped i helpedd 🙂

  3. I think that looking on the forever 21 website at the outfits that they put together would give some back to school inspiration. Through the link http://www.forever21.com/looks/looks_main.asp , you can look at the outfits forever 21 puts together. Also try focusing on pieces such as oxfords (edgy, casual, and cute) and basic tees in solid and striped colors (usually in the forever 21 fabulous finds) that can be worn with everything and also try trends such as floral and bodycon skirts and colorblock tops. I hope I helped.

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