What should i wear with my floral jumpsuit?

Question by Shannon C: What should i wear with my floral jumpsuit?
I have just bought this jumpsuit from awear.com (http://www.awear.com/playsuits/floral-print-jumpsuit/invt/11000881print/).
I am going shopping in leeds next week for the day and i was wondering what shoes and accesories to wear with it?
I want flat shoes of any kind, a jacket or cardigan, a bag and maybe jewellery ideas.
I’m 15 and quite petite with short brown hair and pale skin if thats any use! Thanks a lot x

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Answer by Ashleigh
Wear a blue and white (nautical stripe) or some color and white boyfriend-cut cardigan. Or you could try a beige/brown leather jacket.

For shoes, you need to wear wedges or some sort of sandal/gladiator.
For a bag, a boho bag/canvas bag would be best. Something with a worn look.
For jewelry, you want chunky gold bangles (perhaps in a tribal print) and a chunky ring. Keep earrings at a minimal.

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