what styles are in for 13 year old girls?

Question by Twiggy247: what styles are in for 13 year old girls?
Im 13 and i wanna find cute clothes to wear that match the style right now.

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Answer by Jay S
skinny jeans

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6 thoughts on “what styles are in for 13 year old girls?”

  1. Hey!!! Im 13 too! Well turning 14 in a few weeks …well anyways here is wats in at my school 🙂

    -Slipper Uggs

    Yep!! 🙂 hope i helped :)))

  2. skinny jeans, converses, abbey dawn clothing line, miley cyrus clothing line, purple glitter eyeshadow and lip gloss and heels, flats, boots, hoodies, cute jackets, cardigans, purses, Uggs, slipper Uggs and eyeliner, mascara, cute lipstick shades oh yeah and cute blush to match your skin complexion

  3. im 13 so i can answer this:


    http://oldnavy.gap.com/Asset_Archive/ONWeb/Assets/Product/650/650440/main/on650440-10p01v01.jpg (in black)


    I collected some good stuff from you:

    Abrecombie and Fitch
    Pink Domino
    American Eagle
    J Crew
    Urban Outfitters
    Forever 21
    Quick Silver
    North Face
    Hot Topic
    Wet Seal
    Lord and Taylor
    American Apparel
    JC Penney
    TJ Maxx
    Charlotte Russe
    AJ Wright
    Ralph Lauren
    Banana Republic
    Victoria Secret
    Rue 21
    Baby Phat
    Go Jane
    Palais Royal
    Free People
    Old Navy

    A great tailored jacket — fitted to show off feminine curves, not a baggy masculine style — will pair with everything from work trousers to jeans.
    A jacket adds structure to your figure: gives curvy girls more angular lines, creates waistlines for boyish figure types and smooths out lumps and bumps for all shapes.

    Choose traditional fall jacket fabrics like tweed, corduroy, denim or menswear plaids; or go luxe with velvet, leather, brocade.


    think she should straighten her hair or make it rlly way but keep the side bangs straight. and layer itt and she should look gorgeous! 😀 and flip the layers out a little bitt.

    ohh and maybe if she looks good in them..skinny jeans

    and depending on her style…graphic tees or maybe somethin like hollister tees

    i would choose
    colored skinny jeans
    the same shade of camisole
    then another brighter color of ligh t-shirt
    and the same colored pair of shoes.

    never wear open toed shoes for the first day,
    and never wear a heavy hoodie (ew, to sweat stains)
    dont wear a dressy outfit (elementry much?)
    and dont wear too much jewelry (its girly but way snobby)

    easy. my cousin asked me for help, she wore the same outfit i’m gunna give u, and she was complimented so many times.

    u wanna wear something tht says, i’m ready to learn, but i’m not a nerd, i’m cool. Basically, something tht pleases ur social life, as well as the teachers.

    I’d go with either:
    a) skinny jeans with a babydoll top(not too low in the front), and flats. Apply scarce make-up(maybe some bronzer, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner. tht;s it)
    or b)
    Leggings and a babydoll top with flats(same make-up as on top)

    you can choose! sorry if this didn’t relly help much:(

    although Selena Gomez is known for her spellbinding role on the hit series Wizards of Waverly Place, her style is far from as complicated as the magic she performs on the small screen. Selena’s a minimalist with a girly twist when it comes to her personal style. Never overaccessorized, she is often photographed wearing a T-shirt and jeans when hanging out with her pals or a short and sweet dress when hitting the red carpet. To achieve this Disney darling’s feminine fashion sense, try a solid-hued frock and pin on a giant flower—à la Carrie Bradshaw—to give it that extra oomph that’ll turn the outfit from simple to simply chic.

    Kristen Stewart is a different side of the typical California-girl coin—her look is enviably effortless, though unlike many of her super-girly starlet peers, this ingenue sticks to a muted color palette and streamlined silhouettes, all of which play on her more gothic type of glamour. To snag Kristen’s everyday look, keep the clothing simple: Try a pair of dark skinny jeans and a long white tank, but load up on fun accessories like an armful of bangles and a big, chunky necklace. When hitting the red carpet, Kristen favors the classic Little Black Dress, yet keeps things interesting by varying the style—from T-shirt to tent-shape with a cinched waist—and adding an unexpected accoutrement like a leather bomber jacket. Whatever you do, remember to stick to pieces you’ll feel cozy in; that’s what makes this actress’s style chic but comfortable

    I consulted the fabulous Ann Siner, of My Sister’s Closet and realized we concur on a lot of timeless advice: i.e. responsibility is always chic. Two great ways to do this is embracing fabulous sample sale sites like ideeli or Gilt, and finding a few key items to add to your wardrobe. This may be a great new big or fabulous shoes – but it’ll be a statement piece of great value that will kick everything else in your closet up a notch.

    Some other trends to love:


    You can find them in jersey, lace, cable knit, wet look or with exposed zippers. Stick with black and pair with the great selection of tunics, boyfriend blazers and vests. Even dresses can be worn with leggings or a colorful footless tight.


    Bold colors are key, as is black and white and animal print. Embellishment is there for those that dare! (See those boots pictured? Those are my fabulous Two Lips Kitty Kat boots from Zappos.com – my new favorite shoes in the world!)

    Low-key luxe

    I’ve always found accessories to be a great way of following a trend, but not being ruled by it. This season, that includes ribbon necklaces, sky high wedges, classic totes and embellished cuffs. Don’t forget the boot paired with everything. Whether thigh-high or sky-high, a great boot can go day and evening, to the office or a stroll in the park.

    Chic with an edge

    Try pairing the sky-high wedge with a skinny black pant or legging, top with a feminine flouncy tunic and a simple blazer. Finish with a bold touch of color – possibly a big red flower on the lapel. Or tuck the pant in a sleek pair of over the knee boots and layer with a long bold color tee and an oversize cardigan. Tie an eye catching-scarf on your classic tote.

  4. Anything from:

    Forever 21
    Rue 21
    Charlett Russe
    Plato’s Closet (though you have to be a bit more weary here)
    American Eagle

    I also love Penney’s if you get the chance to check that out 🙂
    I’ll post more be recycling if I can find the right one.


    Here’s some stuff from my recent answers:

    Must-Haves for Fall 2009:

    Peeptoe boots (heeled)
    Full skirt
    Denim mini & leggings
    Short dress
    Maxi Dress
    A halter
    Short Sleeved Hoodie
    Bright Shorts
    Skinny Jeans
    Cropped jackets
    Biker Jackets
    Studded Anything (hardwear)

    Layering is hot right now in the transition from summer to fall, so don’t be afraid to pile on four or five of these staples!

    The boho look is still in and going stong. Try to channel it with items like these:

    Fringed shoes & Bags
    Peace signs on clothes, shoes, bags, belts, jewelry, etc.
    Bell bottom jeans
    Woven belts
    Hippy Headbands
    Flouncy miniskirts
    Faded denim
    Wavy Hair
    Natural makeup
    Wooden Accessories
    Wooden Bangles
    Neutral, knee high boots

    Oh, and 80’s for sure!
    Women are wearing legwarmers and shoulder pads again. The 80’s attitude was wild and free, nobody seemed to have any worries. The clothing matched the mood as it does now with neon colors & studded belts.
    Men are wearing skinny ties and rediscovering the joys of pinstripes. Polo Ralph Lauren was a major brand then, and Ralph Lauren in going strong again.
    The rocker look of the 80’s is coming back in the form of leggings, heeled ankle boots, skinny jeans, off the shoulder tops, bleached or tie-died jeans, jumpsuits/rompers, acid wash, burnout tops, animal print, zippers in strange places, and wild color combinations.

    Some other fall 2009 trends are:
    Fringed clothing
    Sheer or see-through fabric (only small touches of this, however)
    Romanesque dresses
    One-shoulder tops & dresses
    Midriff tops
    Jewel-encrusted clothing
    Statement Jewelry
    Fringed shoes
    Exotic Detailed Shoes
    Gladiator Shoes
    Reptile Leather
    Lace-up Heels
    Shoes With Ankle Straps
    Feature Heels
    Ripped & Torn Jeans
    Boyfriend Jeans
    Vivid, Saturated Colors
    Neon Pink
    Statement necklaces
    One shoulder dresses
    Leather pants
    Liquid leggings
    Chains (more specifically on boots)
    Shouldar pads. Ha! I wouldn’t wear these ever. They don’t look good on almost anyone.
    Statement gloves (leather, patterner, fingerless, to your elbows etc.)
    Edgy Little Black Dress
    Velvet Mini dress
    Accordian pleats
    Sequins (Be daring. Wear ’em in the daytime)
    Fur (Faux or vintage only)
    Strapless reffled dress
    Monotone (same nuetral head to toe)
    Blanket coats (I think they look frumpy, but they’re on the runways, so…)
    Red & Pink
    Peplum Jackets

    Skinny jeans are still in. And they aren’t about to leave any time soon. They’ve become a denim staple.

    Some awesome fashion sites are:

    Style.com – Browse over 58,000 runway looks (by season, designer, and trend), read the latest fashion news, chat in their fashion forum, or skim Vogue and W photos. Find out the latest news on people, parties and what they’re wearing.

    fashionplanet.worldofsl.com – An online fashion magazine and regularly updated news network combine to cover the industry’s hottest collections, trends, personalities and lifestyles around the world. Delves into topics such as too thin models.

    beauty.ivillage.com – Fashion style advice, trends, and quizzes. Seasonal tips and celebrity fashion news. Weekly Top 10 focuses on a different topic every week, such as fashion advice, latest trends, newest releases, stylish shoes and other hot fashion news.

    Inpasserella.com – Read about designers and check out how to subscribe to this online fashion magazine, or learn more about work in the design industry. See sample designs from the shows, or check out specific collections from Paris and Milan.

    FashionOffice.Org – A major online style magazine, partnered with beautyme.com, styleradar.com, and confashion.com. Browse for runway news, read daily headlines, or check out new collections. You’ll even find out about fashion jewelry. Sign up for the trendletter for free.

    Fashion.net – Read fashion news online daily, or search the archives. Get idea for shopping like a pro. Subscribe to the free newsletter to find out the same information as industry insiders. Many different photographs and snippets about fashion trends.

    RustyZipper.Com – Sometimes what’s in is really what already left. Vintage clothing which is now “out” is really in! Being unique is important in being a true fashionista. Here you can buy genuine vintage items.

    GirlProps.Com – This site has girly, trendy accessories. You can make any outfit fashionable with things from this site.

    Also, some of the styles to channel are:
    Bohemian (Boho)

    And you can mix any of these for countless & unique styles like:
    Edgy Prep
    Boho Rock
    Girly Rocker
    Girly Skater
    Sexy Punk
    Flirty Emo
    Urban Preppy

    You can search for any of these on Polyvore.com & you’ll find oufits that people put together that are that particular style.

    Basics are:

    Ballet Flats
    Flat Boots
    Tennis shoes
    Sandals or flip flops
    Low slung belt
    Waist belt

    Big ring
    Bangles or a cuff
    long pendant necklace

    Skinny jeans
    Boot cut jeans
    Two or three trendy pieces (trouser jeans, high-waisted jeans, )
    Plain white t-shirt
    Down Coat
    Black Dress
    Patterned Dress
    Patterned Top
    Tanks in solid colors
    Fun, spur-of-the-moment clothes. It’s better when it isn’t all planned out. If you see the perfect top & you have shoes to go with it at home, don’t decide not to get it because it isn’t on your list of basics.

    And advice:
    Look at what’s on the mannequin. It will always be up to date on the latest fashion.
    They usually will not have anything in clothing stores that are completely out.
    When in doubt, ask a worker in the store you are at. They were hired for a reason & they know what they are doing.

    When in doubt, Google the latest trends like “Fall ’09 trends” or “December 2008 fashion trends” if you get what I mean.

    Ah, and now for winter 2009 trends:
    Coats – fur, trench, bright, plaid, bombers…
    Knee High Boots – with or without a heel
    Skinny Jeans
    Jewel Tones – mustard yellow, emerald green, deep purple, teal, etc.
    Big bags – studded, purple, patent, dark neutrals
    Big, Bold, Statement Accessories
    Geometric Shapes
    Purple is the biggest color trend for the upcoming sesons as well.

    Other color trends:
    Grey: from earthy-grey tints to light grey tones sparkly metallic
    Brown: tan, beige
    Red: Crimson red to burgundy
    Orange: Burnt Sienna, deep orange
    Blue: electric blue, mint blue, dark navy blue, teal blue

    Country Chic is in as well as simpliccity & Iron Maiden (lots of metalics)

    And now you’re on the road to becoming a true fashionista!

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